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my beloved if I didn’t Stand By Your Side yesterday rest assured I won’t

leave you alone today through every trial and Triumph in moments of sorrow and joy I’ve been by your side never

turning away or forgetting you hold on to your strength should your faith waver

boldly declare the promises I’ve bestowed upon you let those who disrupt your peace know that I walk with you

every step of the way you rely on me and I hold you in my grace release any

doubts about whether you deserve the blessings I offer embrace them with open arms for they will blossom into abundant

gifts and precious Treasures with faith as your guide claim these blessings

without hesitation for they are meant for you and yours step out of the Shadows my presence surrounds you I

speak to you because I long for you to draw nearer to share your heart with me in prayer I seek to lift any burdens and

bring healing to your body and soul my purpose is not to deprive you but to

enrich your life with blessings beyond measure as you stand at this pivotal

moment know that you are equipped to make decisions with confidence as we move forward on this journey let’s seow

seeds of love and faith like this video and say Amen to sew the seeds of

positivity and encouragement your participation nurtures our path and

together we cultivate a garden of divine blessings my child pay no heed to those

who dwell on negativity or seek to undermine your journey you cannot please everyone nor should you try some may

attempt to dim your light but know that my light shines brightly within you forge ahead for I am your constant

companion guiding you through every Challenge and opening doors of opportunity before you trust in my

provision nurture the blessings I bestow upon you allowing them to flourish and

multiply in due time your path may be uncertain but with each step forward you

move closer to the Abundant Blessings I have in store for you you and your loved ones are embarking on a journey towards

a brighter tomorrow encourage your children for education and wisdom have

the power to uplift not just families but entire nations within the walls of

your home the seeds of tomorrow’s Heroes and leaders are being nurtured before my

return they will will emerge as vessels for my word impacting the world profoundly yet this can only unfold if

you honor me within your household and allow your children to witness your faith reflected in your actions and

demeanor embrace the understanding that while your character may seem flawed and

unchangeable nothing is beyond my ability to transform even the hardest of Hearts can

become tender under my touch those who once raised their voices in opposition

will soon find themselves laughing with the innocence of children I will Grace the lips of those who spoke against me

causing their words to flow as sweet as honey through this transformation your

family will witness the undeniable reality of my power even in the face of

worldly challenges to their faith trust that my glory will soon radiate within

your home your neighbors will Marvel at the light that shines from your dwelling even in the darkest of nights angels

will stand guard at every corner ensuring Divine protection prepare to witness

Supernatural and miraculous occurrences within the sanctuary of your home leaving all who behold them in awe many

will seek you out and as you lift your prayers I will directly answer them I

will bring healing to the sick solutions to problems and mend wounds a beautiful Spiritual Awakening

is Dawning within your family in these final days though many profess to desire

understanding of my return’s Mysteries their hearts aren’t earnestly seeking me

my love will be unveiled only to those who truly believe those whose hearts are genuine and upright do not hesitate to

entrust me with your soul to Bear my message and to devote your lives to this purpose and to loving

others this is the profound message I’m sewing within you today remember where

and when you received it rise up gaze into the distant Horizon I

will showcase my glory through your life even in far off lands you’ll encounter

unfamiliar tongues but I will inspire you and my holy spirit will move through

you and your family a marvelous spiritual transformation is commencing

though you may encounter challenging days my love will never cease you might

confront various trials yet You’ll Never Walk Alone my love and Shield will

continually surround you wherever you are at this moment as you absorb these words close your eyes Embrace this

message and pray feel free to request what you need Provisions healing

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