Embracing Your Spiritual Path |God message jesus | God Tells |

my dearest child concentrate your efforts on what truly holds significance in life your cherished ones your

spiritual voyage and enhancing Your Existence through my guidance engage in

dialogue with me extend kindness to others and embody forgiveness even towards those who persist in mistreating

you when confronted with hostility react with love and empathy rather than anger

or retaliation display the depth of your affection for them just as I willingly

offer myself for my children be ready to go to great extents so that your family may intimately acquaint themselves with

me receive blessings and revel in Freedom before we continue this

uplifting journey together shower this space with positivity hit the like

button to spread the divine inspiration and type Amen to join in the collective

affirmation of Faith your engagement fuels the journey and together we embrace the power of shared

encouragement as the world continues its rotation and Whispers of unrest circulate do not permit fear to grip

your heart or the hearts of your beloved ones I will never abandon you or forsake

you stay watchful While others succumb to fear

here you will observe extraordinary Miracles unfolding before your eyes the trumpets are heralding signaling that

your Liberation is Drawing Near but for now persist in prayer believe Bel

Endeavor and live life to its fullest do not dread what the future may

unveil have confidence in my pledge no challenge is too daunting for me to

surmount Your Love holds immense value to me express your adoration for me for

it brings me immense joy to hear it from you my cherished child trust in my words

the trials and tribulations you have endured will soon Fade Into Obscurity the grief that weighs heavily on your

heart will dissipate and never return a rejuvenated sense of bravery and

happiness will Bloom within you if you simply have faith in my wondrous power

cling steadfastly to this Faith you will never be left to Traverse this world alone my love will envelop you

ceaselessly both day and night I reiterate these sentiments to you each day so that your spirit May truly grasp

that there exists a God in heaven who shelters you from life’s tempests keeping you secure and cherished listen

closely to these words let them resonate within you and hold them dear my desire

is for you to fully Embrace belief and trust with every fiber of your being

know this truth I cherish you deeply Embrace this love with unwavering Faith

show your trust in me even now in this very moment and when challenges Loom

large when fear threatens to consume you remember that I beckon you to Lean on Me

bring your kn needs before me and I will provide abundantly trust in my promise to

respond and trust your dreams your deepest longings to me and I will walk

with you every step of the way I will never leave your side not even for an instant I am undistracted by trivial

matters in times of struggle call out to me and I will heed your call when life

feels overwhelming find solace in my presence I am here to soothe your anxieties and bring peace to your soul

do not think of me as distant in my eyes you are precious and unique as you

journey through life look to the Heavens to the radiant sun and the gentle clouds

they serve as reminders of your significance to me remember always that with faith and trust in me all things

are possible embrace the blessings within your grasp today Peace Love

security forgiveness Insight warmth patience and Solace are all yours to

claim understand understand that I am ready to do whatever it takes to ensure that you live in Serenity to provide you

with strength in challenging moments and to fill your heart with bravery fear not

every morning you will rise feeling rejuvenated and with a fresh Outlook

proceed without hesitation and Ascend to the peak of that mountain no obstacle

that life throws your way will be too great to overcome that’s why you must place your

faith in me nourish your soul with my teachings and allow the Divine spark I’ve bestowed upon you to shine brightly

you will receive plentiful blessings so that you can be a source of blessing to others your adversaries will see you and

turn away as they witness my Holy Angels encircling and safeguarding you the

powers of Darkness will hesitate to confront you this is the spiritual

elevation to which I aim to lift you so come heed my voice today and return

again tomorrow let me etch this message a new in your heart each day my aim is

for these words to infuse unwavering bravery within you tonight as you close

your eyes you will encounter me once more your spirit will be revitalized and

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