God Says: Embracing Love’s Endless Path | God message jesus | God Tells |

my cherished one remember every storm will pass lean in closely to my voice

let it wrap you in Tranquility your challenges are temporary they won’t Define you now isn’t the moment to

surrender or engage in actions that might obstruct your growth you’re undergoing a profound test my Divine

Touch will mold you like a skilled Artisan shapes clay I’m crafting you with tender care every action I take is

fueled by boundless love for you and your prosperity it I’m preparing you for

the elevation that awaits build a resilient character and unwavering resolve so you can Ascend to Greatness

and Not Fade Into Obscurity in the place where I guide you you and your loved

ones will find Refuge fear not dear one tune in to my voice each day come

converse with me and if words fail you simply sit by my side and relish this

Exquisite moment before we delve deeper into the Realms of Hope and Faith let’s build a

foundation of positivity smash that like button to uplift the spirits and type

Amen to join the chorus of Believers your engagement is a beacon of encouragement my beloved child I don’t

want anxiety to steal your joy or trouble to weigh you down your Radiance shines brightest when you’re at peace

let your thoughts flow freely let your words pour forth and let your Deeds mirror your unwavering faith in in my

presence your anguish dissipates and the worry that grips you Fades into

insignificance your strength is boundless enduring through eternity I

carefully record each of your emotions observing as your prayers unfurl in your times of trouble you

sought me out and I answered your call the heavy weight of depression that once burdened you has now lifted replaced by

Newfound strength despite the sorrow that tried to engulf you You Found the courage to

press on when tears threatened to drown your prayers you came to me in despair

your words barely audible amidst the pain in your heart but even in your silence I understood the depths of your

anguish and I brought healing to your soul restoring joy to your spirit you

have faced your fears headon confronting Giants with unwavering bravery and now here you are before me once more

standing in my presence whatever you ask for it will be granted unto you your

heart overflows with a pure cleansing stream of divine grace meeting your every need take courage stand tall and

walk boldly forward let the ground Beneath Your Feet Quake with confidence striking envy and fear into the hearts

of your enemies though they may witness the storm raging within you they will be stilled by the power of my hand I shower

blessings upon you washing away your troubles and doubts when you feel weary and burdened come to me and I I will

embrace you with love granting you the rest you seek take a moment to bask in

the quiet Stillness and listen for the gentle Whisper Of The Wind for therein lies my voice be still let your emotions

find their peace the storm in your soul will quiet even in the depths of Despair my

voice brings a trembling hope that drives it away the soothing balm within you brings renewal to your body spirit

and mind each day as you listen to me you’ll find yourself lifted overflowing

with fresh emotions and a profound sense of Joy like streams of Living Water

happiness will flow from within you no earthly thing or person can grant you the peace and joy you seek place your

trust solely in me do not Surrender Your Soul or your life to those who promise

happiness do not repeat the mistakes of the past where you gave yourself in search of love and purpose though you

may have faltered it does not signify failure you have the power to rise once

more and I offer you the chance to begin a new I adore you my devotion to you is

unwavering I cannot withhold from you love or the promise of Eternity because you have dedicated your

heart entirely to following serving obeying and living for me I will provide for all your

needs do not fear I will supply the provisions you await I will release you

from debt Shield you from harmful habits remove false companions from your path

and bring someone special into your life promise me you will not

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