that the plans I have for you are much more ambitious than you could ever imagine trials and tribulations can sometimes serve to shape your character and reveal qualities that you have been hiding from the world despite the fact that you could have feelings of isolation in this conflict you should know that you … Read more

This person is aware of your age and still can..

today God giving you a special key this key opens doors to wonderful blessings think of yourself holding this key your heart filled with thanks and ready to welcome all the good things coming your way as the music plays feel yourself lifted into a place where you’re Guided by God ready to embrace the … Read more

Don’t Turn Back | God Says

my dear child trust me when life spirals into chaos and unexpected trials knock at your door I am here lay down your burdens at my feet stay calm hold tight to your trust in me don’t let your worries or confusion dictate your actions they might only lead you further into trouble you know … Read more

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