Do Hindus believe in Jesus?

Do Hindus believe in Jesus?

Understanding Hindu Views on Jesus: A Tapestry of Beliefs Table: Key Points in Hindu Views on Jesus Perspective Description Avatara Concept Some Hindus view Jesus as an avatar, a divine incarnation. Universal Spirituality Recognition of Jesus as a spiritual teacher and guide. Syncretism and Inclusivity Embrace of diverse spiritual paths, including Jesus’ teachings. Historical Respect … Read more

Why did they killed Jesus?

Why did they killed Jesus

jesus is arrested what happens next and let’s get into some of the human details i think the average christian in reading the story is looking at it from jesus’s point of view looking at it from the point of view of the frightened disciples what they don’t usually think about is how about looking … Read more

jesus christ | Only Haters Of Jesus Will Skip This | God Message For You |

jesus christ

I come to you with a heartfelt and soul-stirring message overflowing with hope Grace and the miraculous transformative power of Jesus Christ Our Savior open the gates of your hearts wide to him and you shall be immersed in a Divine Embrace that transcends time and space prepare to witness a spiritual awakening of Epic … Read more

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