I want you to hear me my dear and give your heart to my words in this calm time

I want my message to be your single Focus I ache passionately for your tranquil to take the weight off of your

shoulders and to break the shackles of sleepless nights I want you to not just

see but to completely submerge yourself in this deep

love I want you to speak to me now from the depths of your heart my love for you is as Limitless as the

heavens and it has been demonstrated to you in innumerable ways I want you to

not only see it but to immerse yourself in it share with me now your truth if you

genuinely desire to rise from the depths Heed These words begin this very day

your soul do you seek a brighter chapter in your life do you hunger for escape from the unrelenting grasp of stress do

you ache for Joy’s Embrace if you want to rise from the depths heed delay no longer see how I

stand before you to dispel your doubts and talk straight to your heart you are aware of my existence my

unshakable presence alongside you does not need any more evidence but I shall

present signs not just for your belief but also for your faith you should begin

each day with appreciation even before you wake before you venture out into the

world even if your soul is tired if confusion is clouding your head and even

if you shut your eyes in order to show people around you the powerful energy that is with

you gratitude in the silence be thankful for the gift of life for the freedom to

communicate with me for even the tiniest germ of Faith appreciate others around you for despite their flaws they have

love for you in their hearts be thankful for your capacity to thank others for their love for you

remember to think and read in order to receive these words since you have the ability to change your view point every

morning as the new day Dawns focus on the positive the pure and

the kind in every circumstance even when you are in the middle of chaos and look for the light and the glimmer throughout

the scenario the trials that do not break you only serve to strengthen your

spirit here you are standing or kneeling but definitely alive not conquered the

harsh struggles you’ve encountered have not only tested you they have also strengthened your

spirit of Hope the Silver Lining remember my child the trials that do not

break you only serve to strengthen your spirit dear you I am aware that the suffering was genuine and the difficulty

is overwhelming yet here you are breathing courageously having faced The

Tempest to seek my Direction so when you start each day take a moment to reflect on what you

have accomplished this practice of being appreciative in any scenario will

gradually alter your heart lifting you to a spiritual world that is beyond the

ordinary in this Sacred Space you will have the

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