what a profound message is waiting for you my dearly loved child that my words are here to calm

your spirit and Infuse Serenity into your being open your heart lend me your

listening ears and offer your willing Spirit to me I am here to make you feel

at ease for today I come carrying words of Mighty Miracles and magnificent

visions that are ready to unfold tune your ears to this prophetic utterance

that reaches out to you declaring with shity that your days of adversity are getting closer and closer to their

conclusion I Proclaim to you that the latter days are upon us which is a sign

that a spiritual fight between the forces of light and the Shadows Of Darkness is about to take place your

adversaries may attempt to overwhelm you with Despair and bring chaos into your life but you need not be afraid because

I have sent Legions of angels to surround you I have commanded you my dearly loved child to be brave and

unwavering to embrace bravery without giving in to fear or exhaustion and to

allow my lessons to lead you from the moment the sun rises until the moment you retire exhausted from your

journey undertakings that have been bolstered by a spirit of Valor because you have courageously championed the

cause of your loved ones and Faithfully kept to the road that I have put before you remember that the fight does not

finish with the night falling and you resting your time is a Priceless gift to me more important than you may imagine

and each word you speak in prayer fortifies you therefore before you go to sleep be sure to dedicate a minute to

prayer do not be afraid to announce my promises and I will protect you

Commandments with conviction Proclaim them let your voice reverberate in your abode

and be steadfast in your faith should others look down on you or consider you

naive see them with compassion since they forsake enormous rewards repeat these words with

conviction conviction the Lord is my shepherd I need nothing repeat it once

again this time with even more intensity imbued with belief and Zeal these are not simple sentences to

be missed they are holy utterances uttering them Kindles a blaze and not to

be forgotten inside you to remove uncertainty Melancholy and despair as well as the Sinister bonds

created by adversaries via deception and lies I crave to hear your strong

Proclamation that my God is my Fortress and sanctuary and that I will fear the

Lord’s presence he will Elevate me in his Embrace he will calm my soul under

his shelter I will find Refuge now pause for a time you who hear these words

reread them and heed my call name is a Bastion of strength to him I will cry

out for assistance and he will Elevate me in his Embrace sing a new one close

your eyes and Savor each and every phrase feel my presence destroying the shackles of wrongdoings and

sicknesses extend your hand get up and walk ahead embrace the Magnificent world

that I have often portrayed to you herein it is in your best interest to be consistent in your belief and to immerse

yourself more fully in my teachings because you are now on the verge of seeing and comprehending Miracles that


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