I am your God my child the one who has the ability to fill your life with grace

that is without limit and mercy that never ends I am the hand that reaches out to

provide you support and assistance whenever you find yourself in the most hopeless of

situations I am your consolation your sanctuary and your unchanging strength

while you are going going through difficult circumstances in the same way that an eagle would strengthen you my Eternal

Word would heal the scars that have been inflicted upon your heart I have opened the doors to a

mystical realm where you have the ability to walk on serpents and scorpions and nothing absolutely nothing

can hurt you I have thrown open the doors the words that I am sending to you today are

a salv of Serenity a Beacon of Hope and they will remove any misgivings that you

may have and fill your spirit with tranquil instead when you are confronted with the

hardships of the world on a daily basis I am your ever Vigilant Guardian looking

over your very Soul this is especially true in these times Temptations are

waiting for you and adversaries are trying to bring you down from every angle there are times when you feel as

though you have no idea who you can trust anymore and you feel lost friends might become adversaries

and even members of your own family can abandon you at a time when you want their support the

most nevertheless I am constantly present here as time goes on my love for

you becomes stronger and stronger it is imperative that you do not place all of

your hopes in the hands of unstable individuals or transient material

items today I came to renew my unwavering dedication to you for all of

eternity throughout your travels through this world I am by your side bearing

your loads forgiving your trespasses and pouring out my Holy Spirit upon you I am

with you anyone who has the audacity to cause you damage will be defeated and

those who mislead you will be held accountable for their actions there are many people who

motivated by the poison of jealousy that is present in their souls may make an effort to drag you

down and to throw a shadow of disgrace upon you but take note of this no one

will be able to take you away from my arms rely on me and have faith in the

assurances that I have written down for you take these words as a sign that I’m

about to show you my incomprehensible kindness in order to modify your

thinking please open your ears and let my holy breath to do so

there are many years ahead of you and you have a lot of vital duties to do

there is a holy and wondrous mission that is calling to you but your sustenance and strength do not come from

this world or from the people who are in your immediate vicinity there is no need to search any

farther if you are looking for substantial and long- Lasting benefits if you are yearning for a life that will

be tra

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