You have two soulmates competing for your love…

getting a surprise video message and

it’s all because your guardian angels

have something super special to tell

you guess what you have not one but two

soulmates both dreaming of winning your

heart this might sound like a story from

a fairy tale but it’s your story and

until now it’s been a

secret why the big mystery

though it’s all about you realizing how

amazing you are knowing your worth is

like a magic key it can open hearts or


them if you don’t see how special you

are you might feel alone or

confused but when you believe in

yourself you create stronger connections

and deeper bonds with others the

universe has been waiting for the

perfect moment to show you this love

Adventure life is like a book with many

chapters and sometimes the best

surprises are save for later not when we

want them but when we’re truly ready for

them it’s all about the perfect

timing it’s like being on a treasure

hunt where you don’t need a map because

the treasure finds you when you’re

ready so relax and let life’s journey


you your guardian angels are hinting

that something magical is just around

the corner waiting for you to be ready

to uncover the love and joy that’s been

there all

long life is like floating on a giant

River and this message is all about just

letting the current take you where it

wants to go it’s about not trying to

paddle upstream or control Where the


Flows instead it’s about enjoying the

ride watching the clouds and listening

to the water’s

song this big beautiful

River it’s made up of all the ups and

downs and twists and turns life throws

at us and riding along with it is like

trusting in a bigger plan now here’s

where it gets super interesting imagine

you’re on this River and suddenly you

find out there are not one but two

people kind of like soulmates waiting

for you

Downstream they’re excited to meet you

but there’s a bit of a

hiccup you’ve been holding on to a

branch at the side of the river staying

in the same spot because it feels safe

and familiar you’ve learned a lot while

holding on to that Branch like a wise

old owl but now it’s time to let go and


on one of these soulmates is like the

sparkler on a birthday cake bright

buzzing and full of life they’re all

about jumping into new things having fun

and living life with a big happy

grin they’re not about sitting back and

watching the world go by they’re the

type to dance in the rain Chase rainbows

and make everyday day an

adventure this soulmate has a spirit

that’s all about exploring creating and

inspiring everyone around them to live

life to the

fullest this person is like the guide on

your River

Adventure ready to show you how to ride

the rapids with a laugh and a shout and

find the magic in every moment with them

life promises to be a thrilling ride

filled with moments that make your heart

race and your eyes sparkle

so what do you


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