I come to you as your heavenly father your God and your friend my dearly loved

child I am here to be your friend I want you to know that I am always listening

to you that my love for you is immense and that I understand the anguish that

you are experiencing at this challenging time you are extremely important to me

and I want you to know that I am continuously listening to to you in spite of the fact that there are moments

when it could seem as if you were the only one going through the challenges that you are going

through I want you to know that I am always there for you even when you are

unable to see or feel my presence this is especially prevalent in

situations when things are challenging I am firmly planted at your side at this moment unlike in the past I

will not abandon you now I have never done so there are angels in my

presence as someone who is fighting on your behalf I am aware that there are times when you feel dejected and

fatigued since the journey is not devoid of hurdles nonetheless I want to tell you

that happiness will be waiting for you if you continue to move forward despite the negativity that abounds in this

world this is because I am here for you and I want you to experience the peace peace that I bring to your heart I am

always keeping a watchful eye on you at this very moment I am arranging wonderful blessings for your life things

that will bring you happiness and a fresh outlook on your future just as you would watch a

disaster unfold from a safe location I will keep you safe and enable you to

witness the resolution of this situation I am always keeping a watchful

eye on you do not lose up hope have trust in my love and my promises and

continue to go forward with faith because I am with you every step of the way I am here to protect you my lovely

child and I will continue to do so be sure to depend on me if you are

feeling weak and I will assist you in addition to being your safe haven and

your source of strength my love for you is unending and the plans I have for you

are packed with excellent things you will be able to see the incredible things that I have planned for you if

you have faith in me and if you hold on to my words when you feel dread creeping in I

will give you the power to overcome it keep in mind that I am your safe haven

and your source of strength Please be aware that I am there for everything that you go through every tear that you

shed and I am able to collect every aspect of your personality I am present and I will

never leave you all by myself you are the most treasured thing in my life and I take immense pleasure in you be aware

that I am aware of all that you go through even if my techniques May at times seem peculiar it is important that

you comprehend that there is nothing about you that I do not know the fact that I’m aware of your concerns your

goals your mistakes and your successes does not in any way diminish the amount of love that I have for you to begin

with in point of fact I’m here to give you the power you need to tryumph over

the difficulties you are facing and be able to turn those difficulties into wonderful

victories we’ll provide you with water and it is guaranteed that I will be at


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