Someone is planning a vicious trap behind your…

dear listeners tonight God wants you to

know that he’s always here with

you as the night falls and everything

calms down his voice can be heard softly

speaking to your

heart listen

carefully in this quiet time be open to

the gentle nudges and hints that God

sends your way to help you navigate

life just open your heart and let the

universe’s messages find you but be


there’s a hidden

danger someone is secretly planning to


you God is warning you about this right

now stay alert trust your gut and ask

for God’s help to spot and avoid these

traps think about where you are in your

life right

now are there hidden dangers around you

to show you’re listening to God’s

warning type I claim protection and keep

yourself safe from any

harm God has sent three special women to

shape your son’s

future whether they’re real women or

represent something bigger they have a

crucial role in guiding him towards his

true purpose this nurturing and Powerful

influence is essential for him to grow

strong and wise reflect on the

influential women in his life like his

mom or a teacher or even The Guiding

forces of nature

to recognize their role type I embrace

the feminine wisdom for my

son remember in your life story God is

weaving together every moment every

challenge with purpose and Care each

part of your story is important and adds

up to something

beautiful trust that you are exactly

where you need to be and embrace each

step of your

journey dear listener even when things


unclear know that God’s plan is

unfolding just as it should with great

care and

precision your tough times are not

pointless they are steps leading you

towards what you’re meant to

achieve show you trust in this path by

typing I trust God’s

plan sometimes doing what’s right can

feel really

hard and the pressures from around us

can weigh

heavy in those hard moments remember

that God is your safe place and your

strength find comfort in his support and

let his love light the way when things


dark if you need to feel stronger type I

find strength in God’s

love a new Chance is coming your

way God is setting things up to work out

well for you leading you to start a new

part of your life keep your eyes open

open for small hints and

opportunities the universe is ready to

help you move

forward to embrace this type I welcome

new beginnings and step into this new


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