WARNING!! “Your Connection With God is At Risk” – JESUS

many people sometimes feel like there is

no communication between them and god

very often when god is silent

people create their own thoughts and

tell themselves to believe on the matter

that there is no connection

between them and god


is it true

could the connection between you and god

ever break

let’s talk about this in today’s video

taking the reference to the word of god

very often

we underestimate ourselves

and define our entire life through the

mistakes we have done in our past

thought may come and say to you

you don’t deserve to be connected to god

or you might think

who am i that god will speak to me

psalm chapter verse says

i will instruct you

and teach you in the way you should go

i will counsel you with my eye upon you

know that

god’s way of addressing us is through

our understanding

he communicates with us through many


and every person that has been brought

to life by jesus christ

is the one to whom god will never stop


john chapter verse says

my sheep hear my voice

and i know them

and they follow me

hearing god is easy

when you are a true

follower making a connection and

communicating with him is easy

when your works and worship are for god

be devoted to hearing and discerning

what god is saying to you

and you will never find your connection


take the inspiration that god gives you

through holy spirit

embracing the above inspiration

makes you eligible to receive the grace

of god


you have to be very clear that some

things always comes

when you take an initiative

and until you take that initiative

things will remain same as it is

suppose you want to lift a chair

and you start praying to god to lift up

the chair for you

but what if he does not come

this is true that god does not often

come when he may most expect it


because god has never asked us to be

inactive like a lukewarm

he only does the physical things through

his people

until he is present here in physical

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