you need to hear this holy message that

has come to you by the will of God watch

the video till the end because if you

will understand what God wants you to

understand through these words

you will make your future bright all by


in an increasingly insecure world

it is not a surprise if you are living

being scared or under stress

the evil forces have already made a lot

of people their target

and seeing the fall of them

we could be discouraged easily

but in such troubled times

the child of God can rest assured that

our future is always secure in God’s

miraculous hands


First Corinthians chapter verse says

no I has seen

no ear has hurt

and no mind has imagined

what God has prepared for those who love


God has planned a lovely future for us

he knows what hurdles will come our way

but take heart because he has planned to

rescue us from all of our troubles

know that God is the only one

who does more than we could ever expect

he does more than what we think

ask or pray for

he is the god of abundance

when God sent his only begotten son

Jesus Christ to set us free from all

kinds of sin

he made a plan to save you from your

triple Studio

Jesus has told this to his disciples in

John Chapter verse . he said

peace I live with you my peace I give to


I do not give to you as the world gives

do not let your hearts be troubled and

do not be afraid


now let me ask you a question

do you truly believe in teachers

if you have said yes then what it is

that’s allowing you to believe in the

lies of the enemy

more than the promises of God


when Jesus has assured you a safe future

a blessed future

a Victorious future

then why are you aligning your hearts to

be troubled

remember this our loving Heavenly Father

promises to strengthen help and uphold

us with his Victorious hands

his peace will sustain us in the


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