the end is

near now prepare for a massive

shaking the chosen one

today God is issuing an alert regarding

a day which is coming and near

and he wants every single person to be

careful and


otherwise they will be left

behind a massive shaking is about to hit

some specific nations in the world where

millions of people will be

affected including

you prepare yourself for the day

because God has already warned you ahead


time as he loves you

unconditionally and he doesn’t want you


perish some of the supernatural

phenomena is happening around the world

now and they all have a Biblical

connection with each

other some people are claiming that

doomsday is near and some people are

claiming that the organization sun is

about to open a doorway to

hell but God knows the actual truth

behind it because understanding his

plans is beyond human

understanding so this time God is asking

every every believer to prepare

themselves for the upcoming

shaking that is coming in several


together haai –

says for thus says the Lord of

hosts once

more I will shake heaven and

earth the sea and dry land and I will

shake All Nations

and they shall come to the desire of all

Nations and I will fill this temple with

Glory says the Lord of

hosts these are the word of God back

then but for now they are coming into

Fusion because recently a beloved sister

luy Maria received a huge shocking

message from Heaven regarding the

upcoming shocking

wave she had the Lord

say to my beloved children and the body

of Christ throughout this

world I have warned about the coming

Calamity I have warned you of the things

to come

my beloved daughter tell all my

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