this sandnessbis getting emotional…

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air signals may decide together to

permanently terminate the connection

perhaps you and this person have come to

the conclusion that the two of you are


friends maybe you and this person have

been going through some pretty tough


lately perhaps the two of you began to

break away from this connection

in for someone this may last a long time

but you are not necessarily happy with

it this person was Slash is a beautiful

person the problem is that you and this

person are currently on two different

paths in

life someone may feel that this person

isn’t as ready to settle down as you are

right now

this person may feel that you don’t want

to explore as much as they

do you may be focused on Financial

Security right

now this person is a super and may be

focused on networking and

branding for some it’s probably

business there are no hard feelings here

at least for some people perhaps you and

this person had a heart to heart and

decided the relationship needed to

end you and this person simply aren’t

compatible this person may be of another

zodiac sign ho

Libra but for some it’s also an Aries

Sagittarius Scorpio or Taurus or hold

one of the following positions for

someone here you may be in the process

of connecting with someone

else or maybe that’s what he’s going to

do from now

on especially if someone recently ended

their Mutual connection with

someone this new connection may be in or

sign for some

people I see you ending your cycle and

starting a brand new

beginning like this

person water sign I receive this energy

of sadness from you you’re either

shocked by the

ending or someone connected to is

disatisfied with the

ending this news was a little confusing

because everyone who is feeling this

sadness is getting

emotional this message may be sent to

Watermark or to crosswatchers associated


Watermark I keep coming back to Kesha


songs should have been

fooled for some this fever is definitely

due to cheating

alternatively someone may terminate a

connection with someone due to a third

party well at least it may seem that way

to you

or maybe what her looks like to someone

she’s connected to before you may have

met or have met this third party in

person for some this may be the person

this person mentioned before

his maybe that person is the one who

told you don

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