all is about you… go to hell..

welcome everyone to our YouTube

channel thank you for clicking on the

video this meditation energy emanates


you you love this guy but find it

difficult for you and them to grow

together you are wondering if this

person can live up to your

standards there is a possibility that

you and this person will have children

together if so this may be why you’re

wary of leaving that person completely

wants you have

children this girlfriend person loves

you very much but she may be wondering

if she herself can meet your girlfriend

standards but they don’t tell you that

because they really don’t want to lose

you they feel like they’ve gone too far


or I think you feel that

way I think you and this person will get


well the problem is that it requires a

lot of time effort and

patience so to be honest if you’re

wondering what to

do ask yourself if you think this person

is capable of making the necessary


that is if you want this to

work these people are completely open


you don’t forget to reverse and swap

roles here please only accept items that

arrive if you don’t want to access it

leave it

alone rotate or change the rollers as

needed if these messages don’t apply to

your situation or life don’t force

them check the chart placement nd/ or

the end of life if the size doesn’t

fit check the placement of the

cards you feel this pressure from your


sign someone may be putting pressure on

you or that’s what you do to other


for some people this can be a solution

to their workplace

situation for example let’s say you have

a boss or another employee who puts

pressure on

you this is to get a reaction in a

situation or to make you take a certain

action for your other girl friends

someone may be pressuring you to heal

something with

them or or maybe that’s what you do to


people it feels like someone is

pressuring you to make a

decision a Aries Libra Pisces or cancer

could be important hey someone is into


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