it may feel like a burden on now…

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you seem ready to collaborate with

someone but are tired of waiting for

everything to work

out at this point you are in because you

are not communicating well or you are

not getting along with this

person you’re ready to walk away and

take a leap of faith somewhere else but

your heart is almost like b

stop focusing on all the negative

things and be grateful for what you

have don’t act

hastily otherwise you will end up going

in the wrong

direction it may feel like a burden on

now but the results will be what you

want let go of this dark or shadow side

that you’re in and take some time to be

a little more

patient your emotions can be sensitive

during this time so you may be asked to

relax and adopt a gentler approach to

life in general which may also work for


people things don’t have to be perfect

as long as you’re making

progress some of you may have more than

one option for something something

choosing from a person’s or her options

but again the spirit reminds us not to

rush that’s what I’m
Physical Attraction

saying some of these interactions are

simply physical attraction and desire


more someone might play Mind

Games many of you would welcome the new

stage of being closer to someone but you

have to be willing to take that

risk someone he definitely wants to have

half a baby

with that could be
Mind Games


surprise please do not

forget you can always forgive but you

can never

forget so set firm boundaries as
Important Signs

well something important could happen to

between Sunday and Tuesday of this month

or something important could happen to

him on any of these

days important signs you may be dealing

with Gemini Libra Aquarius Taurus Virgo



Scorpio single/ situation you can think

of yourself as slow slowly separating

yourself from your

past finally we see that the situation

does not require any further

clarification you choose to open new

doors of love for

yourself you will be taking things

gradually and doing lots of self-care

and s

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