This person can’t stand to face you, but they…

if you clicked on this video today it’s

like a sign from your guardian

angels they have an important message


you there’s someone out there who really

owes you an

apology this person hurt you and it

might look like they don’t realize the

damage they did but that’s not

true they feel really bad about it at

first they couldn’t even admit to

themselves what they did wrong so they

tried to escape

it they ignored their guilt and tried to

forget their

mistakes but nobody can run from their


forever now everything they’ve been

avoiding is starting to catch up with

them they know you deserve a real

apology they want to explain their

actions but they’re scared that no

explanation can make up for the hurt


caused that’s why they’ve been staying


facing you means they have to accept

just how much they hurt you but they

respect you too much to keep being

selfish they realize they might not be

able to fix

everything but at the very least they

owe you a sincere

apology once again this person finds it

incredibly hard to face you but deep

down they know they owe you an

apology making mistakes is a natural

part of Being Human no one is perfect


all but some errors are more significant

and much more difficult to forgive than

others this person isn’t just struggling

with forgiving themselves for the pain

they’ve caused you they also realize

that you might find it hard to forgive


too if they had the power to reverse

time and erase their mistake they would

do it in an

instant unfortunately that’s not how

life works

now they’re doing their best to make

amends and show you how truly sorry they

are for their

actions the fact that they haven’t yet

apologized might be making you feel even


hurt you’re known for your kindness and

big heart always ready to say sorry when

you’ve made a

mistake you understand that everyone

makes errors but you also believe that

the way people handle their mistakes is

a true test of their character

it might be hard for you to accept their

remorse since they’ve been avoiding you

but their guilt and regret are so

overwhelming that facing the pain

they’ve caused seems unbearable to

them that’s the reason they’ve been


away their avoidance isn’t because they


care on

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