Someone was wrong about you, but now they can’t..

if you found this video today it’s a

sign from your guardian angels they have

something special to tell you about

someone who misunderstood you in the

past but now can’t stop thinking about

you this person was sure they knew you

and nothing could change their

mind but you did something that made

them see things

differently they realized they didn’t

really know you at

all they had made made up an image of

you based on their guesses and didn’t

see the real

you they never took the time to

understand who you

are and their wrong ideas clouded how

they saw

you now things have

changed they see how wrong they were and

it’s something they won’t

forget this has made them rethink not

just about you but other decisions

they’ve made too they keep thinking

about the times youve spent together

trying to figure out where they went

wrong when they’re around you now they

feel strong emotions they can’t quite

understand they thought you were

different from the people they usually

like which made them unsure about

you but now by getting to know you

better they see they were

wrong you connect with them in a way

that’s different from others and it’s

shown them how important it is to look

Beyond first impression

Impressions if you’re watching this it’s

because someone who once misunderstood

you can’t seem to get you out of their


now they’ve come to see that you are a

kind and caring

person someone may find easy to get

along with and a valuable addition to


life we all know life has its rough

patches and during those times our

actions might not always reflect our

true selves

this person saw how you reacted during

such times and made a snap judgment

without truly understanding the real

you but they’ve since realized that they

were too quick to form an

opinion this new understanding has

completely transformed how they view

you they’ve been reflecting on every

interaction they’ve had with you

recognizing how mistaken their initial

Impressions were

now they see the thoughtful and caring

person you truly

are the more they learn about you the

more they find themselves thinking about

you they want to make it clear that you

never deserve the poor first impression

they had of

you they’re genuinely sorry for thinking

that way

initially admitting they were wrong


easy but they are willing to do so

because you mean so much more than that


judgment you deserve to be treated with

kindness and

respect they regret how long it took

them to realize their mistake and they

feel guilty about misjudging you seeing

how open you are to understanding others

they Now understand that they should

have bee

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