you are hearing these words my dearly loved child they are the light for your soul shining brilliantly on every facet

of your existence they heal your emotions ease your stress and offer Clarity to your intellect there is no

accident that you are hearing these words there is no possibility that you are hearing these words at this moment

moreover they bring to light the immense worth that you possess and the Simplicity that you possess has an

impact on me I adore you just as you are and I have no desire to alter whatever

it is that makes you who you are are you able to hear me are you able to relate

to me despite the fact that I want to alter you I do not want to alter who you are

right now I will transform you if you are willing to change from the way you

are you need to grow I will lead your development if you have trouble

exercising self-control if you listen to me every day here you will find my therapeutic

words that perform wonders in your mind cleaning unpleasant memories and emotions you used to quickly fall into

grief but now you are different look at me you are in my

presence surrounded by my Grandeur if your soul cries now it is from joy in my

eternal Kingdom there will be no more tears no more grief and no more Agony

This Promise begins now and continues into the Future come hear what I have to

say and close your eyes I welcome you into my presence this Earth I have sealed all of

my promises with my resurrection and my Holy Spirit resides in your heart I am

here to provide you with the opportunity to embrace a new life each morning you have the opportunity to renew your ideas

and desires to reignite your aspirations and I am here to give you the gift of a

new life I am here to give you the gift of a new life in the same way that I have not

judged you and I have not judged you those who turn away from my word live in

isolation Shackled by dread they wander without hope and they yearn for love and

affection however you my dear one know me just as I have not judged you and I have not judged

you I stand here with my arms wide and my Palms stretched out waiting for

everyone who hears this message of life and accepts it to get this living water

this Cascade I have not rewarded you for your crimes I have gone and communicated with

other people that what they really seek can be found in my

presence your spirit will find Solace and healing in the love that I have for you you may bring anybody to me and I

will perform miracles for them all you will be able to see how each individual’s heart is influenced if you

communicate this message to those who are not in need because of the depth of my love for

them I gave my life on the cross to make up for the sins they have committed for

the reason that I want for those who have faith in me to have life that lasts

forever you are becoming closer to me on a daily basis and the depth of our connection is increasing with each

passing moment at this very moment pay close attention and make sure there is

no confusion regarding the will that I have for you excuse me for just a while longer and please do not go just yet on

the other hand regrets continue to fall like rain and the desire to take

pleasure in life to its greatest extent gradually diminishes as a result of their lack of

trust those who are unfamiliar with me react with anger when they are unsure

they make it their mission to dissuade people from believing that they exis

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