my dear child if you are lonely if you are longing know that I am

here hang in there I am preparing the way for something special to come into

your life you matter you are precious your Victory is at hand and I am never

late I am always timely coming when you need me at the opportune time it’s so

agonizing to wait not knowing not sleeping focused on what might might happen with all your ifs crawling into

your soul and making a home so I say to you now give me your concerns your worries your aches let me

carry them for you you were never meant to Bear them anyway do not let your heart be troubled by your thoughts of

the future for such worry has not been ordained for you look up from the Shadows that darken your

fears I have promised to do wonders for you truly I will open Pathways where

there are no paths as ever I’m right beside you I tell you

the truth I do not lie I own the day and night and everything over and under the

earth I know when you’re weary when you can’t sleep and you lie there fretting

about an anxious matter something about which I’ve already arranged when Terror comes to you in the

night intensifying your Vivid fears have courage in yourself say against it say

this I will not fear for I have trusted you my God and Lord watch that fear flee

and flee it will forever watch how your soul flies with my peace how finally you

enjoy life and are glad in the conflict here my whisper my hand is upon your

shoulder and my strength is made perfect in your weakness say against it I know that you

can in you I trust go with me return to me take in my words take in my promises

carry them with you through your times of testing you have suffered but not in

vain don’t give up now regain your footing keep on pushing now I speak to

enliven your faith to strengthen your spirit to increase your hope learn to

wait for my timing though patience may be rough in peace lie

still quiet in your heart in the assurance that there is nothing to fear here because your life your hopes your

future are held in the hand of your heavenly father do not let the chaos of

the world eclipse in your mind’s eye the many times I have come to your rescue now I say hush child all this chaos that

is swirling around you I love you I won’t let you go I am not late I am

right here in front of you to lift you up I am here take hold of my hand speak

speak and respond from your heart who loves you more than I do today

you will know peace I embrace you and your family in my care the words that

you hear with your heart are giving you belief and certainty that my blessings are being received awake now blessed the

heartache that you have in your body I have lifted and shall restore your

body words of sweetness shall I write in your mind to eradicate the roots of your hatred

you are clothed with garments of Salvation adorned with the robe of

righteousness just as you sit by my side you have been greatly favored believe these things and they will be so I

established you with power my strength resides in you there is no chain that

can hold you you are free enjoy this Liberty and as you pray hear my

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