hold on to your beliefs heed my guidance it may not always be smooth

sailing but it’s a journey you must take stay strong you’ll notice that each

New Day brings Clarity and insight into your life I as your guide and protector

will illuminate your soul provide you with the knowledge to navigate through challenges don’t worry about what

tomorrow holds put your trust in me and lay down all your burdens let me take

care of your worries rest assured that I’ll support you avoid trying to solve

everything as it will only bring stress and sadness affecting both your mind and body trust in me instead I won’t

disappoint you I’m by your side always not to criticize or punish but to offer

you a life of blessings release anything holding you back free yourself from concerns that

limit your potential move forward boldly towards the things waiting for you you

have my spirit within you empowering you to achieve things you have the ability

within you just stay focused and brave approach life with kindness

empathy and honesty as you move forward hold on to your faith

steadfastly always stay true to yourself in everything you do keep building on the foundation of

honesty remember remember that I’m here for you thinking of you constantly don’t hesitate to reach out

to me when you need help look for me I’ll be there to support you when

danger approaches I will protect you when you’re in need I’ll offer

assistance keep moving my child keep pushing my child embrace your future

hold on to the promises I’ve made to you rest assured that everything will be

okay have faith in me I will shield you from

harm today understand deeply that you are under my care I crafted you I care about you

deeply am always by your side every moment and everywhere there’s no need to fear

because my presence is constant I’m holding your hand through every moment of your life we’ll never let go due to

my love for you I know there are times when worries seem overwhelming and life challenges

feel daunting you may feel like things are spinning out of control and uncertain about how to make a

change remember this I am here to support you I will never abandon you

leave you to face your challenges I will always be by your side guiding and protecting you every step of

the way no harm can come to you steer you away from your path of

faith my angels will watch over you and under my Sheltering Wings you will find

safety sickness will not affect your health and financial struggles will not hinder you because I your God am with

you wherever you go release worries about things beyond your control instead

focus on what actions you can take give your effort in every situation trusting

in my guidance knowing that everything will work out well I understand that times can be

tough when you place trust in me I arrange cir circumstances and handle all worries so that your life can

Thrive remember there is a purpose for your existence every experience serves a

greater plan when it seems dark and lonely at times remember that there is always

light at the end of the tunnel just have faith in me I will guide you through any

challenges my child do not lose heart life brings obstacles I know your

strength and courage believe in me I will give you the courage and strength needed to conquer

any challenge remember that I am by your side no matter how tough things get

there’s nothing we can’t handle together trust in me I’ll lead you through any

storm nothing can stop you from achieving success and blessings rejoice

as victory is meant for you the obstacles you’re facing are guiding you towards a

purpose I want you to know that I’ve I’ve been there with you through every Triumph and struggle you are dear to

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