Someone has written this about you in their journal.

in a hidden Journal a friend Penn down

thoughts about you as if you were a


star they see you as incredibly kind

always putting others

first it’s like you possess a magical

power to understand people’s feelings

listening to their stories and

comforting them you’re described as a

peacemaker Never Letting bad things go

unnoticed always ready to help you

prioritize others needs over your

own the note reads like a warm embrace

highlighting all the wonderful things

about you it says you’re important to

everyone and you brighten up the world

you’re the kind of friend everyone

wishes for a big-hearted soul who’s

always there to lift spirits and provide

support you make a real impact on


lives how does this make you

feel if it brings a smile to your face

give a thumbs up and type to keep

spreading positivity and making the


happier even in the skies Angels would

consider you one of the kindest Souls

always willing to lend a helping

hand imagine yourself as a real life

hero always putting others before

yourself sharing not just what you have

but who you

are your heart is vast overflowing with

empathy and understanding

you listen attentively and bring peace

effortlessly resolving conflicts with

just a few

words your commitment to fairness isn’t

just words you take action standing up

for justice and advocating for those in

need you’re like a wizard of Peace using

your special power to unite people and

create Harmony where there is

Discord your ability to find common

ground and ensure everyone is treated

fairly is

extraordinary your courage to speak up

about things that matter to you is truly

commendable you’re not afraid to stand

firm for your beliefs making you a

strong and honest presence in a world

that sometimes forgets what’s truly

important so keep shining brightly

because you’re making the world a better

place one act of kindness at a time your

positivity and kindness are like rays of

sunshine touching hearts and inspiring

others around you if you feel like these

words are talking about you someone who

loves spreading joy and kindness go

ahead and show some love by tapping that

like button and typing Amen in the

comments your guardian angel is giving

you a nod of approval saying you’re

exactly where you’re meant to be living

a meaningful life and attracting all

kinds of good

things t

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