this big singer is making his new song on your..

some days feel like a test of strength

with everyone around you relying on your

resilience even when you’re crumbling

inside it’s a silent battle where tears

become a Secret Refuge because showing

vulnerability feels like failure to

those who count on your

strength the thought that might

disappoint others scares you so you rep

ress your feelings and only let them

come to light when you are sure no one


watching I really understand

it being strong in these moments can be


difficult it’s like carrying the weight

of the world on your shoulders while

your own world is

crumbling just existing just existing

becomes a great

struggle there is an unspoken

expectation to put on a brave face

towards as if the fact that everything

is fine is more important than when in

fact everything is

fine it is a paradoxical situation in

which the strength that others see

becomes a mask for the vulnerability


Within it’s like walking a titr Trope

where the fear of disappointing others

forces you to suppress your own

pain but here’s the thing number it’s

okay to not be

okay it’s okay to acknowledge that

strength doesn’t mean eliminating your

problems in fact true strength lies in

acknowledging your own vulnerability and

giving yourself the space to Simply Be

even when the world expects more of

you so on these days when it seems

almost impossible to be strong remember

that it is possible to let the tears

flow to acknowledge the pain and to give

yourself Grace simply without the burden

of expectations of others to exist

because at the end of the day your

well-being is just as important as the

strength you offer those around

you in our big world the reality is that

not everyone will appreciate you for who


are this place is filled with countless

people each with their own idea of what

is beautiful and what is not

with so many opinions surrounding it

often feels a bit strange many of us end

up wishing we were someone else because

we think that meeting certain

expectations is the key to happiness

it’s like the idea that everything will

be better if we mix but the truth is

that it’s not that

easy we all navigate the through a sea

of different opinions and

expectations it’s okay to admit that we

feel uncomfortable

sometimes we long for to be accepted and

live up to the


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