stop pay attention because things are about to get intense a message from the

heavens has landed and trust me there’s an urgency in the air a Pursuit with a

purpose picture this someone’s right behind you chasing you down and it’s

definitely not for a friendly chat this Chase is far more than it seems and you

won’t want to miss a single heart pounding moment stick with me as the unfolding story is a high stakes

Thriller filled with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat are you ready for a moment that

could change everything you know life isn’t about what we’re chasing it’s about what we leave behind in the

pursuit says the father wishes Don’t Come True by chasing after a star look

at the butterfly’s Behavior don’t chase it for it will only evade you happiness

doesn’t need to be pursued it just needs to be chosen says the father before

moving forward express your belief in God by commenting yes remember our

livelihood is shaped by what we receive but the essence of life is defined by

what we give a modest $ donation can provide sustenance for a child for

several days are you ready chasing a person doesn’t give you value or build

values in you you earn your value by pursuing morality and practicing dignity

often one once we achieve the things we’re striving for we rarely find lasting satisfaction in them these

achievements are merely the bait chasing them forces us to evolve and it is this

Evolution rather than the rewards themselves that truly matters to us and those around us for most people success

is about struggling and evolving as effectively as possible says the father

before exploring what might happen next the father has a special message Mage for you someone is pursuing you with an

iron sword seeking to end your life the sun blazes overhead and fear grips your

heart as you run through the barren desert Desperately Seeking Refuge your

body is exhausted and your spirit is worn out in this moment of desperation

you cry out to the heavens oh Lord deliver me from my pursuer suddenly a

gust of wind sweeps through the desert bringing with it the scent of Hope and salvation following this guiding Breeze

you arrive at the entrance of a cave nestled within the rocky Cliffs with no

other options you step inside seeking Refuge from your Relentless pursuer as

you enter the cave Darkness envelopes you and you fall to your knees fervently

praying for protection amidst your heartfelt prayers you hear a voice

gentle yet command in speaking to your troubled soul fear not my child for I am

with you take courage and trust in me encouraged by this Divine reassurance

you stand up and Venture further into the cave Guided by The Gentle glow of a

small candle you hold moving forward you notice a narrow passage nearly concealed

in the shadows a deep curiosity stirs within you urging you to explore further

into the unknown cautiously you navigate the treacherous path your heart pounding


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