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Almighty father is saying to you

today my dearly beloved kid fill your

thoughts with the understanding of who I

am and what I have carried out for you

the extra you achieve this the more you

get near me and the more grateful you


be and will also reduce the chance to

get worried about the condition that you

are going through and it’ll all o update

your worries via making you don’t forget

dot approximately my guarantees and my

faithfulness always don’t forget your

coronary heart will be led through

things what you are placing to your

thoughts Lord says type he ask if you

accept my

grace in Bible verse Matthew

always speak Jesus turned and saw

her take heart daughter he said your

faith has healed you and the woman was

healed at that

moment my dear infant within the realm

of imagination wherein I am a God I pay

attention your phrases of gratitude and

Thanksgiving your prayer a heartfelt

expression of your appreciation for my

presence and provision on your

Lifestyles fills me with warmth and

joy I am constantly here watching over

you guiding you through life’s twists

and turns your gratitude is a beautiful

Testament to our connection and it warms

my Divine coronary

heart your words are like a relaxing

Melody inside the C Cosmos a reminder

that the bond between us is

unbreakable as your Divine figure I need


to understand that your happiness and

nicely being are of Paramount

significance to

me your religion your age withth and

your expressions of gratitude contact my

very essence I am right here to offer

for you you to help you and to be a

supply of consolation in your

Lifestyles type thank you

Father your thankful heart is a beacon

of mild within the universe and I will

keep to bless you with my love and

steering so my valuable baby relaxation

assured that I even have heard your

prayer and I am always with you Charing

you with love and benefits you are in no

way alone for I am your constant

accomplice in this Divine journey of

Life affirm I’m not going to rush

something I’m not going to stress out or

worry about how things will training

session for

me instead of overthinking I will align

my faith with divine timing and trust

that the whole lot that belongs in my

life is making its manner in the

direction of me proper

now like this video If you believe

this as you wait attentively in my

presence the light of the understanding

of my glory shines upon you this radiant

expse transcends all

apprehending try to ass assume what I

gave up after I got here into your world

as a baby I set apart my glory so that I

ought to discover with mankind I

conventional the obstacles of the

infancy beneath the most appalling

conition filthy

strong that become a darkish nighttime

for me even though Angels L up the sky

proclaiming glory to osto Shepherds when

you sit quietly with me the method I

went by is reversed in your

experience as you pick out with me

Heaven’s Vistas open up earlier than you

gring you glimpses of my glory I became

terrible so you may become rich sing

Hallelujah to my Holy

Name bring me your mind for relaxation

and renewal let let me Infuse my

presence into your mind as mine stops

racing your body relaxes and also you

regain attention of me this

Consciousness is critical to chew

well-being it’s far your Lifeline

spiritually speak

me there are honestly extra than four

dimensions on This Global in which you

live in addition to the three

impressions of space and the only of

time there is the measurement of

openness to my

presence this Dimension transcends the

others providing you with glimpses of

Heaven at the same time as you still

reside on the earth this was part of my

original layout for mankind Adam and Eve

used to walk with me within the garden

earlier than their expulsion from

Eden I need you to stroll with me inside

the lawn of your heart where I even have

taken up Everlasting

residence right I love dearly you

father God says the delay isn’t always

denial it is a technique for preparing

you whenever you ask for something you

never suppose whether you R capable of

manage that are no


this is the purpose why I don’t provide

you with what you have requested right

now always don’t forget I love you extra

then each person and I am equipped to do

whatever for you so don’t worry you will

by no means regret for the delay dot

trust me I am always on

time if I said I will do it do not lose

what I promised you by using worrying

approximately your

scenario the cuttingedge situations in

your life are molding you for the dot

promises that I made so do not worry dot

do put your focus on me in place of

focusing on your

conditions be at peace due to the fact

you are at the right region where you

were meant to be in my well so you do

now not should worry approximately

anything trust me everything will appear

in your ex act because you are my baby

and I am my father do you observed your

father will do something it is horrific


you share this message is eight people

who is closest to your

heart sweet kids there will come Reigns

of Trials or doubts that allows you to

lead you to worry approximately the

things you are earnestly praying

for at that time don’t run from what you

are praying for but at that time

remember who you’ve got M your

foundation of your faith and then tell

about it to the

rain you were created by almighty God to

live a blessed and fulfilled Lifestyles

would such a lot of humans stay a ways

under the level of what God actually

intends for them absolutely because they

don’t see how it may take

place the reality is that you need to

believe before you are ever going to see

something take location inside the

arable you have to appearance together

with your eyes of Faith du to the fact

the provision

recuperation and miracle that you need

are already available within the


realm you would possibly say well I do

not know how to try this I don’t know

way dot to appearance with my eyes of

religion the manner you open your eyes

of religion as by analyzing and

meditating at the word of

God his word deposits power and religion

interior of you and illuminate your

coronary heart his word reasons your

faith to develop so that you can agree

with his

guarantees and while you trust it then

you’ll see it due to the fact all

matters are viable for folks who agree

with today feed your religion via

meditating on his word declare his

guarantees over your

Lifestyles keep shifting forward with a

mindset of expectancy knowing that he

has Victory and save to your

destiny typ our men if you

believe but the crowds learn about it

and followed him he welcomed them and

spoke to them about the kingdom of God

and healed those who needed healing Luke

love listener join this prayer with

me and repeat after me dear Jesus it is

remarkable to be in your presence oh God

thank you for giving us the Breath of

Life let us additionally breathe lifesty

around us to use every possibility to

inspire to boost to encourage and do

tremendous Deeds to brighten the corner

where we are let our eyes be like a

fragrance that unfold the soothing

enthralling life converting set round

us your he scent your goodness your love

cause us to present our quality because

you gave your quality to us thank you

for all the efforts done for you and

others are not waiting Eed irrespective

of how large and small they have

been let us be your torch right here on

karth wherein all of the eyes observed

leading to you to use each gifts and

skills that you had given us to convey

the lost souls for you because they to

need to experience Everlasting existence

with you

amen it is very necessary that you

provide support to our Channel by

supporting our Channel you will get the

courage to move forward

philanthropically in your life do and if

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