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today God is speaking to

you dear kids everything has a reason

for every things that are occurring on

your existence has a purpose do you

already know while Peter and his buddies

had been fishing whole night I may want

to have given a huge variety of fishes

at that

time but I no longer do this because I

had a plan for them I had a cause for

their existence so do not worry about

the matters that had befen or taking

place on your life or about the things

that you lost or that you did now not

get because I have a plan for ya and has

a reason to your lifestyle and the

proper time I will make it show up have

faith in

me if you have faith and Lord please

like and share this message

message in Bible verse Isaiah – –

always says then will the eyes of the

blind be opened and the ears of the deaf

unstopped then will the lame leap like a

deer and the mute tongue shout for Joy

water will gush forth in the wilderness

and streams in the

desert my pricey child it Wars my divine

coronary heart to hear your prayer of

reward for my sovereignty and goodness

in all

circumstances as your loving and


God I am right here to guarantee you

that I even have heard your phrases and

they resonate deeply inside

me you see my valuable one I am the

writer of this extensive universe and

our hold each component of it in my

hands from the smallest blade of grass

to the mightiest Mountain not anything

escapes my

attention God claims if you want my pure

blessings type

yes oh child and instances of joy and

abundance you recognize my sovereignty

and offer your gratitude and in moments

of sorrow and complication

you find solace in understanding that I

am nonetheless on top of

things you recognize that each

circumstance whether or not favorable or

hard is impossibility for growth and a

testament to my unwavering love for

you rest assured my baby that I am

always by your side guiding you through

the E and flows of life

Styles even whilst the direction appears

unsure to leave in my sovereignty for I

even have a plan past your comprehension

your religion and me brings me a

measurable pleasure and I will by no

means forsake

you so continue to praise me my loved

toddler for your prayers of adoration

day deliver me great satisfaction

so continue to praise me my loved

toddler for your prayers of adoration

deliver me great

satisfaction in your popularity of my

goodness and sovereignty you discover

peace and power embrace the knowledge

that I am with you always taking note of

your each prayer and guiding you toward

a destiny filled with wish and reason

reason comment amen if you

agree lovely kids in t. Perfection of my

natural love you may locate all the

braveness your coronary art wishes drink

deeply of my kindness as I surround you

with my comforting clude

today rest in my goodness for theirs no

want to rush into movement or ignore the

weariness that weighs for your soul come

to me simply as you are on this moment I

meet you with my unhindered

affection the issues of this world will

now not triumph over you and the grip of

Fear will no longer take you down I

overpower and disarm every anxiety my

peace is your ample element get hold of



come to the Waters of my resting place

wherein I will refresh you with my

highly priced love I will revive your

existence with my recuperation peace

till your heart overflows with my


fruit you have no room for fear when you

are full of the assured pursuit of my

goodness and love over your

Lifestyles my presence is the SE deal of

my promise to you surrender these days

to my overwhelming affection that

purifies your coronary art and brings

readability and


courage today’s word many instances we

do not realize that God is speaking to

us we feel an impact at the interior a

pring to be right to a person that’s no


random that’s God speaking to us or

maybe you’re in a scenario where you

uneasiness something says it’s no longer

proper stay away that’s no longer just

your nerves it’s God shielding you don’t

ignore it don’t speak yourself out of it


obey if you will comply with that still

small voice God says he will manual you

alongside the excellent roote in your

existence if we are taking note of his

still Small Voice the promptings the

recommendations the alarms he will store

us from Heart Take and


pain he’ll lead us into promoting and

prefer to regularly we feel those

Impressions on the inside but we

disregard them as not making feel or

override or overanalyze them don’t

communicate yourself out of it just obey

anytime you obey a blessing will always

observe if you have faith in God right


savior God says you had prayed about

everything to me proper so be an

affected person I will answer you due to

the fact you are my baby and I love you


lot don’t you watch I will answer what

you a Praying for if you accept as true

what I will answer simply consider me in

place of demanding or being anxious I am

usually on

time just a matter of religion and me

sufficient to change your scenario you

aren’t doing that as an alternative

you’re converting your attention from me

due to that purpose your some solutions

are nevertheless getting not on time

always focus on me always only on

me you might not recognize why some of

the things which can be taking place now

in your life but even at that point you

still realize I am with you so circulate

on by way of trusting me everything is

in your

exact typ our man if you

believe listen up when you attempt to

get from people what you could most

effective get from God you may emerge as

discouraged disillusioned or

disillusioned they can’t in all

likelihood give you what you believe you

studied you need need from

them only God can be got last I check

other people aren’t God neither are we

you will Revel in an awful lot greater

peace and joy whilst you are taking the

stress off people including yourself to

be what they were in no way created to

be there are also times you could

legitimately want something from a

person however God himself isn’t always

permitting them to present it to you

because God desires you to get it

immediately from

him you find out how lot you’ve got

grown while you in the end get what you

notion you desired from that character

and discover you no longer need it it’s

a releasing element whilst you discover

ways to go to God without delay to get

what handiest God can give

you to accept it with belief please type

he said if you listen carefully to

the Lord You’re God and do what is right

in his eyes if you pay attention to his

commands and keep all is decrees I will

not bring on you any of the diseases I

brought from the Egyptians for I am the

Lord who heals you Exodus


– attention dear listener join this

prayer with me and say it with me oh

holy Christ who has commanded us to love

others as ourselves it Smiles are

undertaking to observe this commandment

normally every day I choose another or

grow irritated or look down upon a

person I try and brag subtly so that

others will glorify me without me

seeming IM motic I purchase bright new

matters I do no longer want an order

that that other human beings can be

impressed sometimes I fake to love

others while interior I realize my words

are a

lie my prayer is that you’ll help me to

Bur burn your love on my coronary heart

so that I can also recognize the piece

of loving my fellow guy let me be honest

and selecting exact over evil let me are

searching for my glory in you Lord

Christ rather than in my very own

image my own repute or status for

reputation is not any greater than

conceitedness so that it will disappear

in the blink of an eye soften my

coronary heart so that I feel true

sympathy and so I cost others simply as

I do

myself may your Holy Spirit who’s with

me manual me in the entirety I assume

and do nowadays and

continually thank you very much for

taking your precious time to watch this

video and allowing us to share this

message of God with you and type thank

you Lord if you believe

Christianity and if you like it you can

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