You are very poor, son, read it once, click on the photo and make me a husband of crores and share

Jesus is telling you right

now my precious kids before you think

about how there can be a manner when

there appears no manner keep in mind

that lengthy before I had already made a

plan for a way to provide you with the


Manor when Israelites came in front of

the Red Sea they were terrified

mountains stood on one side the dot Red

Sea in front of them they commence to

Grumble towards me they said they would

as a substitute be slaves again than die

within the desolate

tract but they did no longer know that

the one who led them out of Egypt at a

plan lengthy ago before that they had

reached in the front of the Red

Sea Lord says share this video go and


others in Bible vce to Chronicles

says if my people who are called by my

name will humble themselves and pray and

seek my face and turn from their Wicked

Ways then I will hear from heaven and I

will forgive their sin and will heal


land oh little child know that I am a

god of boundless compassion and

expertise your errors and shortcomings

do know longer outline you in my

eyes I see the goodness within you the

capability for increase and

transformation my love for you is aware

of no bounds and I am equipped to

increase my forgiveness and repair you

to a state of grace

trust in my infinite wisdom for I know

what is first Strait For

You release any guilt or disgrace that

burdens your soul for I have already

forgiven you embrace the classes perar

from your

studies for they may be stepping stones

for your adventure closure to religious

increase trust in my infinite wisdom for

I know what is first trait for

you if you agree God’s Divine words then

share these blessings who is closest to


heart lovely son in this moment I wrap

you in my Divine Embrace providing

Solace and reassurance feel the warm

temperature of my love surrounding you

enveloping you in a sense of peace and


calmness as your heavenly figure I

inspire you to seek forgiveness from

those you can have wronged Embrace

humility and empathy for they’re the

keys to healing and

Reconciliation remember that forgiveness

is a two- manner Street and as you

increase it to others so to shallots

belong to

you rest confidently

my infant that my mercy and grace are

ample allow them to clean over you

cleaning your spirit and renewing your

soul rise above the mistakes of the

Beyond and include a destiny filled with

wish and Limitless

opportunities typ our men if you

believe daily affirmation I honor my own

pace and my very own

adventure understanding that there is no

proper or wrong way to transport through

Lifestyles I consider my instinct and

pay attention to my internal

awareness understanding that it will

guide me towards my highest good I am

deserving of affection and admiration

and I deal with myself with kindness and


to confirm type I am

thankful the almighty God declares

refuse to worry my cherished one

displace those worry mind with trusting

and thankful thoughts affirm your faith

in me even as praising me for all that I

am man all I have done this combination

of reward Dan believe is

strong it drives away Ang anxiety and

powers of Darkness also it strengthens

your dating with me you may nevertheless

have legitimate concerns to cope with

but I will help you with

them I need you to specific gratefulness

to your prayers to your conversations

with others and for your thoughts I read

your mind continually and I Rejoice

after they contain gratitude

you can thank me even for things you

wish were exceptional this act of

religion enables you ruin unfastened

from terrible wondering and everything

give thanks this is my w for

you type I love dearly you

father God never promised that existence

might continually be fair in reality he

warns us at just the other people are

not ideal we all make mistakes and


selections you can also were harm by way

of others inside the past but what is

most critical is how you pick to cope

with that hurt when you Harbor hurts and

offenses it maintains you caught inside

the past it only reasons damage for your


if you want to transport forward in

pleasure and peace you’ve got to choose

forgiveness yes forgiveness is a

preference and it has nothing to do with

the person who hurt you forgiveness is

the desire to hand your hurts over to

God and let him make up the

distinction when we select to increase

forgiveness it is when we choose to

acquire his forgiv forgiveness today

choose God’s manner choose forgiveness

and choose to transport forward inside

the blessing and victory he has

organized for

you to concur enter

to God says rejection does now not mean

that it Smiles the end of your life it

means which you have better things say V

me for you is the answer to that

rejection you realize approximately what

passed off in the lifestyles of

Joseph Joseph changed into rejected with

the aid of his personal Brothers they

plotted to kill him later Joseph became

the only who had helped them with the

aid of being the blessing of their

lifestyles in the equal manner don’t

worry about who rejected you why to


rejected at that time accept is true

within me when I made and dispatched you

to this world I already made plans to

bless your life Prosper your life do so

a rejection does now not mean at its

miles the quit of your

existence but it way that I even have

higher outstanding matters for you have

faith in me

why you think you have flaws you have no

flaws you’re perfect because I created

you you assume that to procure flaws

it’s because you always examine yourself


others always take into account you are

one of a kind from each and everyone

your competencies your appearance your

mindset your person your Splendor a

majority majority of these will never be

same that of difference what you are is

for a

purpose if you do not know the cause do

not worry in its time I will prepare you


it type yes to

affirm May these words of my mouth and

this meditation of my coronary heart be

fascinating for your sight Lord my rock

and my redeemer Psalm

my loving child I urge you to watch

this video till the end and receive

blessings that will fill your heart with

joy and

hope attention listener join this prayer

with me and say it with me holy Lord

Jesus author of all things who has

commanded our obedience on your

Commandments as a sign of our love look

with Mercy I

pray on the S I have this day devoted

and in Mercy make me experience them

deeply that my repentance may be sincere

and my

resolutions against them steadfast teach

me to apprehend the sinfulness of my

very own

heart bring to my information every

fault of man or woman woman and every

evil addiction wherein I have indulged

to the discomfort of my fellow creatures

and the threat of my very own

soul may I now and each day don’t forget

how my time has been spent what had been

my prevailing thoughts phrases and

movements and how I may can acquip

myself of evil have I notion

irreverently of view

have I disobeyed your Commandments

disregarded a known Duty or willingly

given pain to any other inclin me ask my

coronary heart these questions oh Lord

and save me from deceiving Myself by

means of Pride or

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