MY WORD WILL HEAL YOU: Today’s Message from God

my beloved my words alone are enough to bring you healing the power of my words can breathe life into you and lift your

spirit you may feel Unworthy of having me enter your home but I’m here to tell you that your faith and humility have

captured my heart I desire to come not just into your home but into your heart as well there I will inscribe the words

that bring healing with just a touch I will break the chains that bind you I will remove

your pain and all your fears worries and troubles will dissolve because even the heavens listen when I speak I’m speaking

directly to you because I long to see you happy spending time with me allows

me to hold you close to show you how deeply I love you and to keep you safe

from harm this is my gift to you in this life so I ask you to believe with all

your heart and accept it the strength you seek is already within your reach

embrace the healing and transformative power of my Holy Spirit which is present for you right now you don’t have to

carry the burdens of your past or face your mistakes alone though you live in a

world filled with challenges remember that I have already overcome this world for you you are a child of the almighty

God and this is my promise to you before we continue this uplifting journey

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comment amen after hearing these Divine messages trust me with every step you take and in every challenge you

encounter because you will emerge Victorious I know there are moments when

you find yourself weeping sometimes without even knowing why let me tell you

it’s because deep within you are yearning to return to me your heart longs for me your spirit seeks me and

every part of you knows that without me you can do nothing do you feel as though

life is slipping through your fingers it may seem as if the peace and joy you long for are always just beyond

your grasp each day it feels like the distance between you and your loved ones grows but hear me I am right here beside

you just next to me a fountain of blessings is ready to overflow into your life ready to wash away the sorrow and

bring back all that’s been missing immerse yourself in these Healing Waters and let them cleanse your

mind of sadness you will never feel empty again this is my guarantee to you

your faith has sparked Miracles my word is all you require today healing has entered your life because you opened

your heart to me and I have made my dwelling within you and here I will remain I’m watching over you and your

family prepared to bless you beyond your dreams invite me into your home open

every aspect of your life to me let my bless blessings pour in bringing Tranquility to your soul and comfort to

your heart I have cleansed your home of all imperfections with my breath I have revitalized every nook and cranny

cleared away the Clutter and the residues of your challenges you are now clean and forgiven all you need to do is

accept it I am not saying you are flawless or that you won’t encounter Temptations you

are my child and I cherish you but you are also human you will f difficulties

but I will always be there to lift you and support you as you progress even when you falter yes mistakes will happen

on your own I understand that fighting your battles can leave you feeling low ridiculed and ashamed as if you’re

covered in dirt yet again but focus on me I’ve called you to this battle and

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