a serious advice from Jesus

Christ beloved

children I speak to you with love that

transcends all

understanding A Love That Binds the

heavens and earth a love that seeks to

heal to uplift and to guide you towards

Eternal truth and life

hear my words for they come from the

heart of the father a source of infinite

wisdom and

compassion in this world you will face

many trials and

tribulations the path before you may

seem narrow and fraud with

obstacles but remember this you are

never alone

I Am With You Always even to the end of


age when you encounter

adversity do not lose

heart embrace your struggles as

opportunities to grow in faith and

fortitude seek first the kingdom of God

and his

righteousness and all these things will

be given to you as well

do not be anxious about your life what

you will eat or what you will drink nor

about your body what you will

wear trust in Father’s profession and

let your hurs be free from the chains of

worry love one another as I have loved

you this is the greatest commandment

for in love you fulfill the

law that your love be genuine abhold

what is evil hold fast to what is

good forgive those who trespass against

you for forgiveness is the key to

freedom and

peace just as your heavenly father has

forgiven you so must you forgive others

be the light of the world let your light

shine before others so that they may see

your good works and give glory to your

father who is in

heaven through your actions your words

and your unwavering Faith reflect the

love and truth of


finally with your life on a foundation


rock hear my words and put them into

practice the storms of life will come

and the winds will

blow but your house will stand firm if

it is built on the solid rock of my

teachings do not be merely hearers of

the word but

doers live out your faith with

conviction and

integrity and you will find the path to

it eternal

life my peace I live with

you my peace I live with you my peace I

give to you do not let your hurts be

troubled neither let them be afraid

trust in me and you will know the

boundless love and joy of the

father go forth my beloveds be the

instruments of my grace and love in the

world Amen

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