existence from the start you are a

perfect reflection of my

creativity and love as you open this

video let me whisper to you the endless

joy and divine Bliss I have poured into

your being easing your every discomfort

and pain today I want you to feel

overwhelmingly love not just in our

Quiet Moments together but in every

every second of your day do you feel

heavy with life’s burdens let me lift

these off your shoulders with every word

you read rather than that I will save

you from any damage that may come your

way giving you the ability to move

forward and Triumph over the challenges

that are weighing you down my dear you

must maintain your bravy and strength do

not allow the challenges of this moment

to have an over helming effect on you

since the time for miracles is now it is

important to keep in mind that this

stage of life is just temporary as you

embrace the teachings of my word in the

future there will be moments of abundant

Harvest and

benefits and during those times Joy will

dominate every facet of your existence

your fervent prayers those evening and

early mornings spent in petition will

provide you the opportunity to see the

results of your faithfulness both you

and I have shown faith in what you have

said because you have remained faithful

I have carefully examined each and every

one of your actions there is a mark that

I have placed within your heart and your

name will be written in the Book of Life

for all of eternity I have placed

faithful Souls along your journey who

will acknowledge and honor your worth

the Lord said do not let your

uncertainties prevent me from bestowing

upon you the numerous benefits that I

have planned for you I do not bless you

because you are perfect rather I shower

you with gifts because you are my

cherished child and you are worthy of

the very best have faith that you will

be a good Steward of every everything

that you are given to the benefit of

those who are burdened by sadness and

suffering as I work on your house and

your family I am making progress you

will triumph over your challenges if you

have confidence in me and put that faith

into action in the future you and your

family will rise to prominence and your

names will be celebrated across the

world you will be Witness es to Miracles

power love and Redemption through the

course of your life I desire to make my

heavenly presence profoundly known in

your heart within the walls of your home

over the Landscapes of your job and

throughout the dreams that you treasure

while you are asleeping please allow me

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