my child I have something to tell you you remember the road you took how long

arduous and painful it was I don’t need to remind you some who should have

valued you failed to appreciate your worth all the wounds inflicted have left scars so deep it seems there’s no cure

but now my child listen to me my child I swear to you I will never abandon you I

will never turn away you are my child chosen by me appointed by me

I know what it’s like I really know the Deep darkness that at times threatens to

squeeze all the life out of you the hurts from your past that pop up unannounced and

unbidden the terror that rattles your insides and that uncertainty that robs you of

breath I know how hard it is and I’m asking you to put your faith in me like

a mother in the midst of Labor pushing through the waves of pain and saying to herself I can do this my baby is almost

here you need to push through you might not believe me

yet what I want you to understand is that you don’t have to believe me to just do it just keep putting one foot in

front of the other and even though it looks like it’s utterly impossible just

keep putting one foot in front of the other these difficult times you are passing through require something from

me that can only happen in the privacy of your soul things painful to see will be forced

into the open and once seen can be released and healed forever I am gently exposing your hidden

hurts and fears so they can be mended completely you are on the up and walking

down path to Freedom which will mean peace and wholeness such as you have never known before as long as you hang

on to me I know at times you felt like just throwing in the towel when my word comes

and you want that seed you’ve swn to sprout and grow but all you can see is

my seed falling into the Stony soil of your own heart yet Your Role is to plant

and water and I come in my time to give the growth your life will grow and

spring to life in ways you never expected above and beyond what you invested fold -fold even fold

the enemy has tried to sew seeds of distrust and suspicion in your heart towards others because of how you were

hurt but I am bringing people into your life who will show you a pure unconditional love that will mend the

Ragged edges of your heart I am weaving Divine relationships and connections

together you have lost people in your past because of the wounds from your past you may even feel like you are

undeserving of having people in your life you may feel unloved when the enemy

accuses you telling you that you are too stained that others will not love you

and yet nothing is further from the truth Let the Fire of my love which

cannot fail or falter devour those lies down to ashes no more loneliness no more

heartache your life will be glorious and fruitful it will produce courage and

deep joy as you walk in my purposes hand in hand I am renaming you grounding your

identity firmly in who I say that you are for so long you’ve been a little a

drift asking yourself the big question do you belong and asking me that bigger

question do I make a difference or matter but I crafted you for greatness

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