my beloved child you must see this today before the sun sets on another moment of your precious life the world unfolds

before you a tapestry of infinite possibilities each thread woven with

purpose and meaning I implore you to open your eyes truly open them to the

Wonder and beauty that surrounds you before doubt clouds your vision see the strength that resides within you you are

crafted with care imbued with potential that knows no bound s the challenges you

face are not obstacles but opportunities for growth every struggle every setback

is a chance to rise higher to become more than you were yesterday before fear

takes hold see the courage that beats in your heart it is there waiting to be

embraced you have faced trials before and emerged stronger remember that

bravery is not the absence of fear fear but the willingness to move forward despite it trust in the resilience I

have placed within you before despair Creeps in see the hope that glimmers in

every new dawn each day is a gift a blank canvas awaiting your touch the

future is not set in stone but shaped by your choices and actions you have the

power to create to change to inspire Embrace this power and let it

guide you toward your dreams before loneliness Whispers its lies see the

love that surrounds you it flows from me constant and

unwavering and it manifests in the world around you in the kindness of strangers

in the laughter of friends in the beauty of nature love is ever

present open your heart to give and receive it freely before you lose sight

of your worth see the unique and Irreplaceable role you play in this vast

Universe there is no one else quite like you no one who can fulfill your specific

purpose your presence matters your voice deserves to be heard

your light is meant to shine today my child see these truths embrace them let

them fuel your journey and ignite your spirit the world awaits your contributions your compassion your

courage step forward with confidence knowing that I am with you always

guiding your path and celebrating your every Triumph remember you are loved beyond

measure cherished Beyond Comprehension go forth and live fully love deeply and

leave your mark on this world for in you I see the reflection of all that is good

and beautiful with eternal love and boundless faith in you your creator

cherished Seeker your super thanks Sparks the flame of our sacred quest

with a tap join us in spreading God’s Timeless truth and light and receive the

boundless blessings of his unwavering love my darling you are an Exquisite

thread in the fabric of my love-filled creation you will always have a special

place in my heart exceeding your most ambitious dreams I have reserved an abundance of

wonderful advantages for you keep in mind that that when you’re going through tough times when life seems heavy and

your dreams seem far away it’s because you have temporarily lost trust in me

you have been temporarily swayed by external challenges your heart yearns for the Solace that my teachings provide

renew your trust in me I beg you dear Lord and Creator if you fully commit to

my teachings you will be able to weather the storms of life and emerge stronger

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