I Have Carefully Crafted Plans for Your Life

my dear child I have carefully crafted plans for your life plans that are

filled with hope and overflowing with my loving intentions these plans may differ

significantly from your own desires or the paths you have imagined yet they are undeniably good and perfect for you

remember I am the essence of pure light and in me there is absolutely no

darkness in every situation you face in each moment of uncertainty look for my

light I am not a distant Observer I am deeply involved in every detail of your

life Your Role is crucial yet deeply spiritual remain open to my guidance and

the ways I am working in your life this openness often requires a

surrender a letting go of the plans you have made or the dreams you have nurtured it’s essential to acknowledge

and believe with all your heart that my designs for your life are without fault

even when the path feels Steep and challenging trust in me completely for

my way is not only perfect it is also tailored just for you see me as your

protector your Shield against the trials of this world for all who seek refuge in

me when you feel overwhelmed by troubles or fear come closer to me and Proclaim

Lord I take refuge in you you while I do not Shield you from every

challenge because you are destined to face certain trials and play an essential role in this world I do

protect you from far more dangers and difficulties than you can ever imagine thus I call you to live out the

life I have meticulously planned for you this is not a passive existence but an

active engagement in a life designed with Divine Purpose approach this calling with a

heart full of joy relying wholly on me by doing so your soul will find its

deepest satisfaction a rich fulfillment that transcends any Earthly

pleasure in your journey remember to nurture a spirit of gratitude and

joy celebrate the daily gifts I provide and always look to the future with hope

knowing that my plans for you are born out of infinite wisdom and love

step forward with confidence my child for you are never alone I’m always beside you guiding your

steps offering my strength and filling your heart with peace let this assurance fill you with

courage and comfort as you continue on the path I have laid out for you the plan I have for your life is

continuously unfolding before you there are moments when the path you walk may

seem obstructed or it opens so painfully slowly that you find yourself needing to

restrain your eagerness but then at the appointed time the way before you clears

suddenly and effortlessly as if by Magic the dreams and aspirations you have

longed for and striven towards I bestow upon you as a pure gift in these moments

you are struck with awe at the ease with which I move through the world giving you a glimpse of my power and my glory

do not be dismayed by your weaknesses for they serve as the very stage upon which my power and glory shine most

brilliantly as you persevere on the path I have carefully laid out for you drawing on my strength to sustain you

you should anticipate witnessing Miracles remember Miracles may not

always be visible to the naked eye but for those who live by faith they are vividly

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