a serious message from Heaven is coming

about your

life during the past months starting

from the total Sur eclipse on April

th major changes has occurred on

Earth the world has witnessed many signs

from the Lord as well as from the Devil

but it’s enough

now God is moving boldly in the month of


and a long period of Sensations

chills fears and the

uncertainty is coming to an

end for many people in the world a last

day is

coming if you are wondering what last

day I’m talking about

then pay undivided attention for the

next few minutes because this message is

very very

important Holy Spirit I pray that you

use this video I pray that you touch

this individual who is about to hear

your word and I pray that you bless them

I pray that even now your presence is

just going through the screen meeting us

meeting this individual exactly where

they are in Jesus Christ’s name

amen now this is what I heard God spoke

to me for many of his faithful Believers

worldwide I heard the Lord


behold I am coming

swiftly the time of shaking is not a

time of

Despair but a time of prif

ation the storms that have beset you are

not a signal of your end but the dawn of

a new

beginning for in the

storms my voice is

clearer and in the

darkness my light shines

brighter for too long my people have

wandered in the desert of Doubt

struggling against The Winds of

uncertainty but for

now I am calling you to step into the

land of

promise I am calling you to rise above

the fear and embrace the faith that


mountains in the month of July

you will see my hands at work in

ways you have never ever

imagined the signs and wonders that have

unfolded before you are nothing but a

glimpse of what is to

come prepare your hearts for I am about

to do a new thing even now it Springs up

do you not perceive


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