Big Alert! Your house is surrounded by black…

if you clicked on this video it’s no

accident today I have an important

message for you something you wouldn’t

expect your home is under a hidden

threat there’s dark magic at play and

the most shocking

part the person behind it might be

someone you’d never suspect let me tell

you this is a serious heads up remember

Jesus’s power is Limitless and his love

for us is endless when times get tough

he’s here to watch over us and keep us

safe by watching this video it’s clear

that you’ve been guided here for a

reason dark Forces are trying to disrupt

your peace at home and the person behind

this they might seem nice and helpful

maybe a neighbor someone you work with

or even a

friend but don’t be fooled their

intentions aren’t as pure as they seem

fear not though because you’re not alone

in this Jesus is right by your side and

with his strength you can shake off any

evil spells or curses thrown your way

believe in Jesus’s power to protect

you let’s make it official type I claim

Jesus’s protection in the

comments this is more than just words

it’s a powerful step in strengthening

your faith and securing his Divine

protection over your life

it’s really important to know that

things like black magic and bad vibes

can mess up the peace and happiness of


homes these kinds of dark Forces can

make us sick lose money or feel really

down but don’t

worry the bright light of Jesus Christ

can chase away all that

Darkness he’s the best protector and his

power is way stronger than any bad

energy out there

here’s what you can do to keep you and

your family safe start by praying hard

ask Jesus to get rid of any nasty stuff

in your home and your

life sprinkle holy water around your

house and put a cross in each room to

show your

faith say Psalm and Psalm out loud

they’re like super strong prayers that

help keep us safe and sound remember

just believing isn’t enough you’ve got

to take action to

fight back against these dark Forces by

standing strong knowing that Jesus has

got your

back if you feel Jesus helping you out

shout it out in the comments by saying

Jesus is my

protector saying this helps build a

strong spiritual wall around your home

be careful though the person causing

this black magic might seem really

nice they might come over often offering

to help or giving you gifts but if you

start feeling super tired worried or

stressed after they visit that might be

a sign they’re leaving bad vibes

behind listen to your gut feelings and

be careful around people who make you

feel bad handling this takes bravery and

Faith ke

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