prepare child of God the Chosen and the


one you are not here by any random

coincidence God wants you to listen to

this message because you need to prepare

now God is about to place you into a new

season starting in the month of July

and this is the reason you need to

prepare for that

now in this moment feel the divine

presence that surrounds

you you are a vessel of immense

potential a beacon of light chosen to

shine brightly in a world that

desperately needs hope and direction

your journey this far has been Guided by


hands and now a new chapter is being

written this is not just any

chapter this is a chapter of

breakthrough of

transformation and the Divine

elevation the season that is approaching

is one of unprecedented opportunity and

growth but beloved it it requires your

preparation just as a farmer prepares

the soil before sewing seeds you must

prepare your heart your mind and your

spirit for the abundance that is to

come this preparation is not a physical

one but a spiritual awakening and

alignment with God’s divine

plan firstly

cultivate a spirit of

expectancy expectancy is the breeding

ground for

miracles when you anticipate God’s move

you align yourself with his

will begin each day with a h full of

gratitude and a mind ready to receive



moreover align yourself with likeminded

Believers Community is the crucial in


season so surround yourself with those

who will uplift you pray for you and

walk with you in

faith together you will be stronger more

resilient and more capable of

withstanding any trials that may come


way finally embrace the process of

refinement God often uses challenging

times to move mold and shape us into the

vessels he needs us to be do not despise

the trials but see them as the

opportunities for

growth every test is a testimony in the

making and every challenge is a stepping

stone towards your

destiny as July approaches know

that God has already gone before you he

has prepared the way and laid out a path


Victory your preparation now is crucial

topping into the fullness of his

promises remember dear child you are

chosen and cherished and your steps are


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