my beloved

children I speak to you today with a h

full of love and

concern many have skipped over me many

have ignored my

voice but I tell you they will regret it

later not because of me but because of

the evil because of the enemy who seeks

to destroy the

Souls I have called out to you time and

time again inviting you to come to me to

find rest and peace in my

presence in Matthew –

I said to

you come to me all you who are weary and

burdened and I will give you

rest take my yog upon you and learn from

me for I am gentle and humble in heart

and you will find rest for your

souls for my yoke is easy and my burden


light yet many have chosen to walk their

own paths to listen to the noise of the

world rather than my still Small Voice

rather than my voice words in the

Bible the enemy thrives on chaos

confusion and

destruction when you ignore my voice you

open the door for him to bring harm into


life it is not my desire for you to

suffer but when you choose to walk away

from me you move away from my protection

and into the enemy’s

territory those who choose to ignore my

voice will one day

realize what they have

missed my guidance my comfort and my

love the regret they will feel is not

because I wanted them to

suffer but because they missed out on

the Abundant Life life I came to give

them the Devil is a deceiver and his

lies are designed to lead you away from

me he promises freedom but delivers

bondage he promises pleasure but brings

pain he promises life but leads to



remember my love for you never fails I

lay down my life for you because I love

you with an everlasting love no matter

how far you have wandered my grace is

sufficient to bring you

back to not let regret be your story let

Redemption be your

testimony hear my voice today and do not

Harden your hearts come to me and I will

give you

rest the enemies lies cannot stand

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