do you believe that God has the ability

to perceive what is invisible to human

eyes if yes then dear child of God you

need to watch this video until the very

end because God is trying to protect you

from what is unseen to your

eyes all those who are going to reject

these words will be the ones who will

regret it

later I have received some words

regarding your home and these words are

going to be super crucial for you and

for many others in the

world God is strongly putting this into

my heart and I can hear him so clearly

that he is commanding me to share these

words with his chosen people

every word I speak feels like it’s

Guided by a force Beyond us caring

deeply for a spiritual well-being and

protection and that force is the holy

spirit this message is about your home

which is under super natural observation


God something very inexplicable

is about to happen

tonight and you are being asked to

relocate yourself from the

point where you are

now God is giving me this world and a

strong vision of how he’s working in our

homes and in other


remember God’s blessings are embedded

into each of your smiles and to ensure

that more people can experience this

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channel before we dive into the main

part of the video let’s come together


pray Heaven may your name be rever may

your kingdom come and your will be done

on Earth as it is in heaven

provide us with our daily sustenance and

forgive our debts as we forgive those

ined to

us please guide us away from Temptation

and protect us from evil

amen Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is

with you blessed are you among women and

blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus


holy Mary Mother of God pray for us

sinners now and at the hour of Allah’s


amen Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of

your faithful and ignite in them the

fire of your Divine

love send forth your spirit to renew the

face of the earth oh God who by the love

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