my beloved child I am here right beside you everpresent and watchful my love for

you is boundless and my desire is for your well-being and salvation I speak to you now not with a

voice of condemnation but with a heart full of compassion and a yearning to guide you onto the path of righteousness

hear me for I am trying to warn you not to frighten or discourage you but to

awaken your spirit to the realities that surround around you my warnings come from a place of perfect love for I see

what you cannot and I know what lies ahead remember dear one that I am the

Alpha and the Omega the beginning and the end I have seen the entirety of

History unfold and I know what is to come when I warn you it is with the

wisdom of Eternity and the forsight of the Divine my child the world you

inhabit is fraught with dangers not just physical perils but spiritual pitfalls

that can ens snare your soul the enemy prowls like a roaring lion seeking whom

he may devour but fear not for I am with you my warnings are a shield a

protection against the fiery darts of the wicked one I whisper to your heart in The Quiet Moments I speak through my

word the holy scriptures I send signs and wonders and

I place people in your path path to Echo my warnings are you listening my child are

your spiritual ears attuned to my voice do not be deceived by the glitter and glamour of this world what it offers is

temporary a fleeting pleasure that leaves emptiness in its wake I offer you

Eternal Joy a peace that surpasses all understanding when I warn you against

the ways of the world it is because I have something far greater in store for you my warnings are not meant to to

restrict you but to free you true freedom is found in obedience to my will

when you heed my warnings you step into a life of purpose fulfillment and divine

Destiny I see the struggles you face The Temptations that assail you I understand

the pull of sin the Allure of momentary gratification but I implore you listen

to my warnings the path of sin leads only to destruction

but the path of righteousness leads to life Everlasting remember my child that I am

a god of Second Chances even if you have strayed even if you have ignored my previous warnings I

am still here still speaking still trying to guide you back my Mercy is new

every morning and my grace is sufficient for you when I warn you it is because I

see the potential with within you I created you for greatness for a purpose

that only you can fulfill my warnings are not to hold you back but to propel you forward into the

amazing plan I have for your life do not grow weary of my warnings my child they

are not the nagging of a displeased deity but the loving guidance of a father who wants only the best for his

children each warning is an expression of my love a testimony to my constant

care for you in a world full of noise and distraction it can be challenging to

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