y most precious and beloved children I come to you on this day with a message of utmost urgency and grave importance

it is a call to be vigilant steadfast and unwavering in your faith as you approach the nd day

of June a date indelibly marked in the annals of Eternity for on this pivotal Day events

of monumental consequence shall unfold events that will shake the very foundations of your world and test the

depths of your Devotion to me as your Heavenly Father it is my sacred duty to

guide and protect you to lead you through the treacherous Paths of life and to Shield you from the Insidious

forces that seek to ensnare and corrupt your souls yet even in the face of

formidable adversity I have bestowed upon you the armor of righteousness the sword of truth and the impenetrable

shield of unwavering faith on the nd of June the powers of Darkness shall

unleash their Fury upon the world sowing seeds of Discord igniting the

Flames of chaos and attempting to extinguish the light of my Divine

love the forces of evil shall conspire to erect barriers of fear doubt and

despair seeking to separate you from the infinite Wellspring of my grace and mercy but fear not my beloved

children for I have ordained this day as a crucible a trial by fire that will refine and purify your faith for

fortifying your spirits and tempering your resolve it is a day that shall separate the wheat from the chaff the

steadfast from the wavering the soldiers of light from the minions of Darkness be

alert my children for the enemy will employ every strategy every guile and

every deception to undermine your confidence and Lead You astray from the path of righteousness they will whisper lies

into your ears seeking to plant the seeds of doubt and erode your trust in my divine plan but you must remain

Vigilant guarding your hearts and Minds against the Insidious tendrils of Deceit

on this day let your thoughts be consumed by the Eternal truths of my word let your words be seasoned with the

salt of wisdom and Grace and let your actions be guided by the unwavering light of my love for it is in these

moments of trial that your faith shall shine forth like a beacon Illuminating the way for those who stumble in the

Darkness throughout the ages I have guided my people through countless trials and

tribulations delivering them from the clutches of Oppression and leading them to the promised land of

Salvation and on the nd of June I shall once again demonstrate my infinite

power and unfailing love protecting those who call upon my name and walking with them through the valley of the

shadow of death when the storms of adversity rage and the foundations of Your World

tremble turn to me in fervent prayer pouring out your hearts and laying your

burdens at my feet for I am the great comforter the prince of peace and the

Everlasting father and In My Embrace you shall find Solace and

strength gather together with your fellow Believers my children for there is power

in unity and strength in numbers encourage one another lift each other up in prayer and let the bonds of

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