Pray. Believe. Receive

my dearly loved child I want you to listen deeply inside yourself and feel

the stirring of your soul as I pull you into a greater connection you are standing on Holy

Ground because I am speaking to you here today even though you cannot see me

breathe and accept this a message of love that is being brought to you on the Ws of Grace halt for a minute and think

about the fact that I your your Eternal God who am here at all times have chosen

this precise moment to speak directly to your heart I see your problems your

hidden anguish and the suffering that you have not yet revealed I know the

loads you bear in Silence the health problems that disturb you the murmured

prayers that emerge from your tired Soul your goodbyes your hurting heart and

your times of Doubt all of these things are known to me

I give you not only my words but my actual presence come to me you who are

weary I will give you rest my peace my comfort and my

strength let these things to flow into you rekindling the Flames of your faith

this is your Divine appointment open your heart to accept what I am saying to

see what I am showing and to feel what I am revealing this is your Divine

appointment I will guide your path even when the way seems unclear and when you face Trials

of unearthly magnitude know that I will not allow you to endure any challenge for which I have not prepared you I will

not allow you to endure any challenge for which I have not prepared you keep in mind everything that we have been

through together I have led you through many difficulties continue to follow me

I will guide your path tragedy Beyond Redemption against your will protect

your heart from venturing into perilous places let your thoughts remain firmly anchored in reality do not allow

yourself to be misled by transitory feelings since they may be twisted toward either light or Darkness I warn

you you this so that you will not be misled by empty words or false promises

in the days to come some people may boast of Their Blessings and claim favor that they do not possess but I say to

you that those who have truly sacrificed for the sake of my kingdom will receive

their reward do not be discouraged by the fact that some people may boast about Their

Blessings more than they actually possess the apparent success of others

your faithfulness is valuable to me I will grant you the understanding patience and endurance to endure as well

as a heart that is large enough to contain my love you will receive Grace to endure both the praise of fans and

the criticism of those who are critical of you make fun of those who criticize you work hard and with pleasure for I

Will Raise You Up In Due Time utilize carefully what I have entrusted to you

and get ready for my plentiful Supply I will double your efforts and open doors of

opportunity come to me every day and sit in my presence Let each word you utter

be like a seed that has been sown in rich soil that is full of promise for development and fulfillment

as you retire each night give to me your burdens your anger your doubts and your

pain my presence will bring a heart that is full of admiration trust and love you

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