I’ll Give You Strength

my precious child I am the one who opens doors that no one can

close trust that the blessings you’ve lost will return to you restoring peace

and serenity to your heart I see your needs and feel your struggles I’ve listened to every prayer

and I’m intimately familiar with your pains be assured I have been meticulously

preparing the way for your blessings nurturing you with my love and planting seeds of victory that will transform

your life in extraordinary ways even if it’s hard to see right now

the world around you is Shifting I’m at work touching Hearts

shaping decisions clearing obstacles and orchestrating everything perfectly to

pave a sacred path for your blessings do not let discouragement or doubt tarnish your

faith I understand there are times when you feel lost in a desert where my promises appear far away and your

challenges Loom large you may feel alone longing for

someone to show kindness or offer a sip of water to sooth your thirst yet

remember how I brought forth water for my people in the wilderness and how I provided their sustenance in times of

scarcity I am here to do the same for you I am the bread of Life come to me

and you will never hunger believe in me and you will never thirst patience is V vital for

everything unfolds in its appointed time the journey the trials you endure are as

crucial as the blessings themselves it is through the fires of adversity that I refine your character

teaching you to rely solely on me and to trust deeply in my constant unwavering

love although you may not immediately see my hand at work know that my love

for you is ceaseless cultivate patience and and nurture trust hold fast to Hope

and always carry a spirit of gratitude through your trials be thankful for the small blessings the everyday encounters

and the challenges for through them I am working give thanks in every situation

for this is my desire for you that your heart remains thankful amidst the trials

preparing your spirit to fully receive the victories I am bringing into your life

in your journey you will encounter hurdles that appear too high to leap over but let your faith not your sight

guide you stand firm against fear approach each challenge with bravery and

belief secure in the knowledge that I am your strength and support my promise to

you is unbreakable I am steadfast and truthful when storms of life stir up

fear pray amidst the chaos every morning come and listen to my words as they

gently soothe your soul telling you fear not for I am right beside you do not be

discouraged for I am your God I will give you strength indeed I will help you

I will sustain you with my righteous right hand the future I have planned for you

is fil

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