Rest in My Presence

my beloved child you’ve no need to fear

the forces against you or let any

barrier stop you with resolve you’ll

leap over obstacles you’ll find renewed

strength as if you were young again

you’ll Stand Tall against opposition not

with physical Force but with the mighty

support of my Holy Spirit your victories

won’t come from aggression or Force seek

me I’m right there with you in your room

in your heart enveloping you the moment

you call all I’ll answer just say the

word I’m the one who empowers you with

my grace and love with me you can do

anything your adversaries will scatter

overcome by the vibrant Faith within you

I’m talking about blessings that will

come knocking it’s not about luck or

strength I bless those I choose this

isn’t a contest I don’t rank your

successes or compare you to anyone I’m

here to have a conversation with you and

to bless you because of my love which is

unwavering While others go to Great

Lengths to earn my favor Dawning sadness

and undertaking significant acts to

catch my eye they’re missing the true

heartfelt Faith you have you’re

convinced of My reality sure in your

belief you can pass through fires

unharmed navigate through storms without

drowning you can command the chaos to

calm and it will listen to you I’ve

entrusted you with the power to show my

love through kindness to everyone you

meet miraculous events will happen when

you reach out with gratitude and

humility when you genuinely seek to

assist and do good my power doesn’t show

itself in loud declarations but know

this as you seek me quietly behind

closed doors I’ll honor you as you walk

out in the world Miracles and signs will

follow making it clear I am with you

you’ve received this message take it in

again feel it and accept it merge your

faith with your eagerness to know me and

I’ll unleash my power over you stay

humble in heart grateful in spirit and

you’ll be enveloped in abundance you’re

in need of a miracle of my intervention

to release you from Pain confusion and

worry you crave my strength you long for

sustenance peace a good night sleep and

to awaken with happiness you need love

and my love is yours embrace it fully

today hold fast to the faith that keeps

you going to the promise I’ve made I am

your Defender your guide your God

holding you safe your friend together

we’ll celebrate when the blessing you’ve

been waiting for arrives at your

doorstep I’m telling you just wait for

it trust me it’s coming your way things

are going to change fill your mind with

my promises that bring healing it’s time

to refresh your your thinking to alter

how you react to challenges whenever

obstacles arise remember I won’t leave

you behind no matter how tough or

painful the trial you can hold on to my

hand you know I love you how could I

possibly leave you you’re my child

treasured deeply because of the love

I’ve poured out on you hold on to my

promises they are good real strong and

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