Take a Moment With Me

my beloved child take a moment with me

today just a minute of pure undivided

attention pause your world and let’s

share this time together I promise In

These Quiet Moments I will speak to you

your heart will soon overflow with

praise and joyous

laughter I know the struggles you’ve

been facing life has thrown its

challenges your

way but now it’s time for you to find

peace peace to embrace Joy you’ve been

longing for answers praying tirelessly

night and

day the weight has been hard filled with

pain yet even when you don’t feel it or

see it my hands are shaping you like a

Potter with Clay I am always with you

crafting your path guiding you gently

towards a future where peace and


await so give me this moment and let’s

speak heart tohe heart

the wait has been long filled with many

tearful nights but when my blessings

finally reach your doorstep you will

realize how much you have

transformed past grief and setbacks will

fade leaving no room for despair or for

your spirit to be swayed by fleeting

emotions I have promised you a future

filled with prosperity and I am faithful

to fulfill

it immerse yourself in my words to

refresh your faith and fortify your

spirit get ready to embrace the

blessings I am about to pour over you

which will surpass all your

expectations not only meeting your

requests but exceeding them dream boldly

and plan with courage it is your right

to start

aesh though there have been trials in

the past believe wholeheartedly that

your faith and steadfastness will now

lead to triumphs beyond what you

imagined my word is a lamp unto your

feet offering Direction and wisdom seek

me earnestly open your Bible each day

read eagerly and learn

devotedly on every page my voice will

guide comfort and speak to you step into

my presence today I am here ready to

hear your needs and to unlock the

blessings of Heaven just for you the

resolution to your struggles is cradled

in my hands reach out for it why

hesitate my love for you is

unchanging deep down you’ve sensed it

even when you feel distant or doubt

Whispers that you have faltered and are

unloved dismiss those false

thoughts within your heart there remains

a persistent flame a deep seated

yearning to come back to the place that

eagerly awaits your return do not fear


near I understand your confusion the

uncertainty That clouds your

mind you believed your faith was strong

yet faced disappointments particularly

from those you trusted most who left you

behind in those moments you felt

abandoned thinking I had not answered


call yet I assure you I am always on

time I have never departed from your

side I have been observing providing you

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