“I won’t let you go to sleep before I visit you

God is telling you today right now God

is telling you today right now think

about my lessons cherish them and allow

them to seep into your spirit keep your

Bible by your bed as a constant reminder

of our relationship and the promises I

have given you never forget them each

morning I eagerly await hearing my voice

read with the goal of learning for the

promises are make to you today will

fortify you and prevent you from waking

up in hopelessness if you’re still not

sure what I’m saying get to know me

better I will demonstrate My Love For

You by allowing you to enter my presence

Surly feel better as you go about your

day unburdened by feelings of

hopelessness and fear don’t let your

feelings control you or cause you to

wake up afraid I wish to build on our

relationship and earn your trust in any

circumstances choose to give me all of

your worries so that I can release you

open your eyes and cast a hopeful gaze

toward the upcoming months have faith

trust peace and encouragement are being

showered upon you I want your home to be

free of Terror May Financial concerns no

longer cause anxiety or Melancholy let

your family have words of encouragement

instead of disputes miscommunications to

end and mutual understanding to rule I

am your life Your Truth your path and

your Shepherd I want to provide you and

your family with my heavenly protection

for the entire year the power of my

blood has cleansed you of all previous

wrongs and your home is free of curses

you are immune to Darkness Witchcraft

and curses give up on fake curses you

have trusted me and I will never betray

you I assure you that you and your

family are safe and secure in your

hearts those who do not love or believe

in me should not be heard enter the

river of force Freedom love and


transformation blessings will come into

your life if you have Faith tell me you

have faith recall all the times I came

to your head when you were in distress

and all the Miracles I worked to show

you that I was here you will see every

positive aspect of your life today this

is the final solution to all of your

difficulties your blessing even in

moments when you feel far away from me

or when doubts creep in and tell you

that you have failed you know that I

love you and always have that is untrue

there’s still a fierce fire and a strong

desire to uncover what’s in store for

you and your heart instead of being

terrified to approach I understand

you’re perplexed and unsure of what to

do even though you believed you had

everything figured out a lot of things


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