God is saying today right now I am

familiar with the experience of

concealing information from others the

moment you are in my presence no one

will pass judgment on you due to the

fact that you are afraid of being

rejected you are unable to bring your

hidden problems or shortcomings to Grace

never the last I see a spirit that is


transformation not a sinner who’s been

tarnished when you give yourself over to

love on a daily basis you will make

gradual progress toward sanctification

rather than being a short fix embracing

the work that my spirit is doing within

you will lead to progress that will stay

forever whenever you feel that our

connection is

deteriorating please do not be reluctant

to get in touch with me again when you

come back I shall be waiting for you to

come back and say hello as opposed to

guilt and condemnation forgiveness and

love are more successful for the sake of

My Success I will always be wearing

clean clothes do not rely on other

people if you are interested in

discovering the truth from my Divine

vantage point I’m able to see the bigger

pictur in contrast to you who appears to

view life through a limited perspective

even when it is difficult to make sense

of the injustices that occur on Earth I

continue to trust in this great

perspective from the perspective of

Heaven there is always a coand a way out

of any difficulties someone may be

experiencing have faith that the

difficulties you are experiencing right

now are nothing in comparison to the

enormous joy that is waiting for you in

the Heavenly Pleasures that you will

receive your heart will be filled with a

fresh feeling of power and joy which

will allow you to reach even greater

Heights the fact that I am your God your

ruler and your guide is a wonderful

honor that you will learn to fully

appreciate over time rest certain that I

will handle all of your anxieties and un

certainties and issues have faith that I

am directing you through each and every

step of the process you should let go of

your worries and remind yourself that

you should never let fleeting

emotions and meaningless thoughts waste

your valuable life on rage and animosity

free yourself from the shackles of pness

and envy once and for all you are about

to enter a new age that that is brimming

With the blessings of heaven we are

going to go through a profound

metamorphosis together as the current

turbulence comes to an end and we are

going to become a source of goodness for

the people that you concern about in the

midst of the night that is slowly

approaching you will shine brightly like

a beacon Illuminating the path for

others to follow there are people who

are waiting for you who are in need of


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