God Says – listen to this now

od is saying you today right now I am

going to be there for you like a shield

shielding you from any harm that they

come your way I have the ability to

Vanquish your adversaries at the

appropriate time bringing them to a

state of Tranquility or at the very

least apathy or they attentively listen

to my petition for their repentance and

cure despite their repeated assaults

they will sure that you do not get any

injuries this is like to a castle that

is impregnable and has endured the test

of time in spite of the fact that I

stretched my arms to present them with

the goods of Life they did not accept

any of the olive branches that I offered

them on the other hand you welcomed me

with open arms recognizing that I am the

only person who possesses the ability to

solve any situation whatsoever the

directions that I gave you were followed

with complete devotion and you entrusted

yourself to my care when they refuse to

give in to their soulmate many people

miss out on the Bliss that could have

been theirs intimacy is something that

people who have hard hearts and

restricted intellect devoy and then they

find a way to claim that I am to blame

for their unhappy happiness on the other

hand my lover you stand out from the

rest of them not the random people you

currently hold dear will be responsible

for your future riches rather it will be

solely dependent on your bond with me

preserve your concentration on this

important connection and do not let go

of it since we are going to embark on

experiences together you will become

stronger with each passing day in spite

of the fact that you are facing

adversaries you can still exhibit your

knowledge of the Lord by kneeling down

in reverence with them to me you are a

living demonstration of the love and

dedication that you have for me as a

result begin each day in my

presence and then proceed to go out into

the world with self assurance and a

determination patient to receive the

rewards that are coming your way

continue to move forward without

wavering or

hesitating my darling with unwavering

self assurance and never stop moving

forward recognize the way that leads to

success and abundance please keep in

mind that I am always here with you

keeping you in my arms with tenderness

you are not doomed to life of Shame if

you refuse to give into hopelessness and

if you remove dread and uncertainty from

your heart through the elimination of


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