I WILL DO.. | God Says

my child keep calm because I manage The Impossible be quiet and have trust have

assisted you previously and will do so again when the winds and storms stop to the tumultuous Seas of Doubt inside your

heart will be like the sound of my voice still come to me now and I will give you

the rest you need I will remove the Myriad ideas and concerns whirling in

your head stealing your attention I wish peace in your days and Tranquility in

your nights you are an inheritance to many blessings yet sometimes they stay

unnoticed due to dread about things that will not happen by those who cannot hurt you I implore you again to remain calm

do not pay attention to the news rumor or threats that others convey to you since I I am the one who commands and I

have the first and ultimate word on your fate though many may rise against you

while you may face the consequences of your own faults do not worry not my precious child I will protect you even

when the world seems to disintegrate even as many around you Swoon with fear be strong and do not be scared I will

not desert you this is the finest Testament of love you can hear and see

you with confidence via this I’m speaking to you via a medium and you can feel my touch on your heart which brings

answers to your lingering uncertainties I love you and I am

showing you this right now now I am removing the ridicule that you have received at the hands of the those who

have failed you assume that none of what you have encountered will be in vain today you possess power and

understanding you are mature enough to fight for people you care about and help those who having endured as you

have the moment for your Liberation has arrived and you are now ready to be in

toou of my love to bring light to others in darkness but your foes know potential

and those who have returned to make problems and steal your Tranquility if you allow them to interrupt your Slumber

if you forsake your faith diving into the pit of dread you will besade by

anxiety once again yet here’s truthfully my love for you is enormous

my Mercy is unlimited and my Holy Spirit I will not allow you to be assaulted again therefore I assure you that even

if you fail and fall I will lift you back up do not be deceived in believing

I have diverted my sight away from you if you slip and fall into enemy traps I

will rescue you if your faith Fades and your heart is filled with bad ideas still battle for you I will purify

your spirit and fill you once again with my my message I will not let anybody to pull

you away from my affection not sword nor starvation disease neither conflict

danger or sadness can separate you from it since you are more as a conqueror you have turned away

from Evil and offered me your heart stated with your own words your confidence in me as your rescuer and

Defender you have shown unshakable faithfulness you are not like others who complain about me and deny me when they

confront challenges they Grumble to anybody will listen without protecting their words and care nothing for their

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