my dear Brothers and Sisters in

Christ as

Christians many of us understand the

importance of following Jesus Christ and

embracing his

salvation however there exist a subtle

yet significant area where we often

falter obeying God in the small

seemingly insignificant aspects of Earth

lives in James – he Compares

those who hear the

word but do not act on it to the

individuals who look at their reflection

in a mirror and then immediately forget

what they look

like such a person gains no benefit from

their encounter with the

truth conversely in verse CH

James extols the virtue of being an

active doer someone who gazes intently

into the perfect law of Liberty and

remains faithful resulting in a blessed

life marked by The

Obedience so what does this mean for us

today it means that every time we are

confronted with God’s word and choose

not to act we decide

vers often our human reasoning takes

over convincing us that we know better


God we may rationalize our Disobedience

believing that the small commands of God

are not as

critical but this mindset is a

trap consider the story of John a

believer whose mind was as neared by the

lies and negative self wor for years

John was told he was not good enough by

his mother by his friends and even by

his wife in their early

marriage this constant barage of

criticism led him to believe he was a

hopeless failure Unworthy of God’s love


purpose yet

John’s story is not

unique many of us struggle with similar

thoughts questioning our values and

doubting God’s plan for

us it’s crucial to understand that God’s

Commandments even the ones that seem

small are given for our

benefit they guide us to live a life

that aligns with his will and

purpose obedience in these little things

things can transform our hearts and

Minds breaking the chains of deception

and the

self-doubt some of us fall into the Trap

of believing that God’s will is always

synonymous with our comfort and

happiness when we encounter discomfort

or trials we might think this can be

God’s will for me or when my dismiss

scriptural truths that challenges are

understanding with that doesn’t make any

sense but dear friends let us commit to

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